Communication and cooperation with our suppliers is important to us!

Today, the purchase of goods and the procurement of all materials required for production are subject to substantial change. This is why Krones AG needs permanently qualified, reliable and flexible suppliers. When choosing the suppliers, the factors concerning quality requirements and the flexibility of Krones AG are ever increasing – besides price comparison.
The following criteria have top priority for our purchasing departments:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ability to supply
  • Reliability
  • Technical standard
  • Logistics

In order to jointly produce top performance in the future as well, we need the support of the global players on the procurement market. Fairness and partnership creates a climate that makes exceptional performance possible – for the benefit of our customers.

Contacto Alois Bachfischer
T: +49 9401 70-3682
F: +49 9401 70-913682

Head of Strategic Purchasing Department
Krones AG
Böhmerwaldstraße 5
93073 Neutraubling

Vendor’s declaration

Vendor’s declarations are no longer issued through .«customs data acquisition»
You will receive a separate email from us with a PDF file and instructions on how to create a vendor’s declaration.

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