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    Krones ModulCheck
    Unidades de control autónomas

      Unidades de control autónomas

      Unidades compactas para una integración individual en la línea

      Quality checks are indispensable during bottling of beverages. However, one inspection system alone is not always the best choice. ModulCheck is the optimal solution if you have only little space available or if you need only single inspection units. It is made up of cost-efficient single modules which altogether cover the entire range of empty and full bottle inspections. The compact modules are mounted directly to the conveyor and can be integrated or retrofitted at any spot of the bottling line. Just decide for yourself which module to use and where!

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      Your benefits

      Small size

      The compact modules require only little space and are mounted directly to the conveyor. They can easily be retrofitted in existing lines.

      Maximum flexibility

      The variable components can be integrated at any spot in the line. You can select freely which modules you wish to use where.

      Quick start-up

      Is there a short-term additional need for inspection? No problem: The ModulCheck systems are quickly available and ready for operation within shortest times.

      State-of-the-art technology for an efficient price

      ModulCheck grades up existing inspectors quickly and cost-efficiently. In stead of changing the entire machine, single components are simply replaced or added. Then, your inspector is still the same; it will merely have been brought to state-of-the-art technology.

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