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    Krones Linatronic AI
    Linatronic AI empty bottle inspector with Deep Learning technology

      The leap into a new era!

      Empty-container inspector with Deep Learning technology

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      The Linatronic AI is the first of its kind in the world –and ushers in a new era of the empty-container inspection technology. How is that? Because it is equipped with a neural network trained with Deep Learning for maximum precision. After 40 years of experience in inspection technology, we dare to take the plunge into a new technology –and thus open up a whole world of previously untapped possibilities for you!

      At a glance

      • Empty-container inspector with Deep Learning technology
      • Suitable for glass and PET containers
      • Advantages over conventional inspectors:
        • Detection of water drops
        • Minimal false rejections
        • More precise inspection results
        • Significantly reduced commissioning time
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      Benefits to you

      • Increased inspection quality by means of selective detection
        • Improved glass fragment detection, no x-ray unit required
        • Improved detection in the area of the base stippling
      • Base-chip detection in the base inspection unit:
        • Additional unit no longer required
        • Reduced container burst in the filler, avoidance of scattered glass fragments
      • Parameterisation per customer object is no longer required
      • Upgrade packages for DART 4.0 machines possible

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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