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    Energy and media savings
    Energy-saving cold filling with the EquiTherm Coldfill
    Energy-saving cold filling with the EquiTherm Coldfill

      Multiple use of energy

      Energy recovery for cold filling

      Condensation water has an impact on the labelling result. This is why the soft drinks are often guided through the warmer after cold filling. This is an enormous work relief for the labeller –however, the change in temperature requires quite a bit of energy. In order to provide exactly this energy costs-efficiently, we have developed EquiTherm Coldfill: a system which sends the thermal energy back and forth between the two process steps.

      At a glance

      • Function:
        • Creating an energy cycle between the mixer and the warmer
      • Applications: Lines, which …
        • fill CSD into non-returnable PET containers
        • with filling temperatures from 6 to 16 °C and
        • which include a warmer.
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      Brochure Energy-saving cold filling with the EquiTherm Coldfill
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      Method of operation

      Starting position

      • In the mixer, the product is first cooled down to a filling temperature.
      • In order to avoid condensation on the filled containers, they are heated again in the warmer before labelling.

      Energy cycle EquiTherm Coldfill

      A heat pump provides the mixer and the warmer with thermal energy by

      • taking on the cooling energy of the mixer,
      • bringing it to a higher energy level via electrical energy and
      • providing it to the warmer afterwards.
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      Your benefits

      Easy integration

      EquiTherm Coldfill can also be retrofitted in existing lines without having to change the filling process.

      Multiple benefits

      This system makes cuts on several points of the line. It reduces the gas consumption of the heating system and it reduces the water consumption as well as the required energy of the cooler. For you, this means: You will consume significantly less natural resources and save costs at the same time!


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