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    People at Krones

      Their thinking and actions shape the image of Krones

      Regardless of whatever we do for our customers' satisfaction, their productivity and their competitive ability, we never lose sight of one decisive factor, and that is the people of our company and their creative force. Their thinking and actions shape the image of Krones. With regards to our customer, they are eager to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers even more.

      Around 17,200 people worldwide are working for Krones. In Germany alone, about 10,100 men and women work in our four plants in Neutraubling, Nittenau, Rosenheim and Flensburg. We mainly produce in Germany. However, we are present also everywhere where our customers operate. We have a network of more than 100 sites spanning the globe.

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      See our career pages to find a lot of interesting job offers, information about vocational training or internship and a lot more. 

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      Krones employs 17,164 people worldwide – 5.3% more than last year

      After workforce adjustments in the last few years, Krones’ headcount increased in 2022 for the first time since 2019. The total number of employees grew by 861 or 5.3% to 17,164 – a smaller percentage increase than revenue. This growth is mainly due to the recovery of our international markets. The workforce employed outside Germany thus rose by 8.5%, from 552 to 7,034. In Germany, employee numbers grew by less than the total, with an increase of 309 or 3.1% to 10,130. The international share of the workforce rose in the reporting period to 41.0% (previous year: 39.8%).



      Above-average workforce growth in emerging markets

      Most of the increase in the international workforce was in emerging economies and in service. The number of employees in emerging markets grew in the reporting year by 326 to 4,459. This meant that 26.0% of the Krones team was employed in emerging economies at the end of the reporting period (previous year: 25.4%).

      Customised additional training for staff members and managers

      The high qualification of our employees and managers is a decisive factor for the success of Krones. Therefore, the human resource development department is permanently keeping an eye on additional training and support for all employees. 

      Every employee has individual skills and areas for further skills developments. This is why  the human resource development department is concentrating on measures that are customised precisely to the needs of the individual participants. The professional skills as well as the social skills and methodical skills are supported here. Altogether, the offered seminars comprise more than 450 topics. These topics include IT and language courses just as much as special field seminars as well as communications and method training. In addition to external specialists, also our employees carry out training sessions. Having internal knowledge, they can pass on this valuable know-how directly on other colleagues. In addition to the traditional training, we also offer eLearning modules thus providing the option of doing individual trainings without the pressure of time and location.