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    Krones enables eco-efficient, circular production of beverages and liquid food. The basis for this mission builds a sustainable company in all ESG dimensions (environment, society, governance).

    Krones Group Sustainability

    • News29. April 2024

      Net-zero emissions by 2040: Krones has defined more stringent sustainability targets

      It has been officially confirmed: Following a resolution taken by the Executive Board, Krones aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040 – along the entire value chain.

    • Report22. March 2024

      Non-financial statement 2023

      Krones publishes 2023 Non-financial statement

    • News02. August 2023

      Return to gold: Krones scoring highly in EcoVadis rating

      This result puts Krones in the top five per cent of all companies rated in its sector.

    • News02. August 2023

      Krones nominated for the German Sustainability Award

      On 20 July, Krones AG received surprising but all the more pleasing news: The technology supplier for the beverage and food industry is one of the nominees for this year's German Sustainability Award.

    • News26. July 2023

      Climate protection: Krones clearly sets out all relevant information

      The Krones Public Carbon Transition Plan was published on 26 July 2023. It discloses the group’s actions, interim results and further plans for implementing the measures needed to achieve its climate targets.


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    Performance 2023

    Greenhouse gas emissions Scope 1 and 2

    Reduction of our Scope 1 and 2 emissions​

    We reduced our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 9% year on year. With that, we have achieved a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with the base year 2019. The goal is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2030. The climate target has been validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and certified as being consistent with the 1.5-degrees target.

    Greenhouse gas emissions Scope 3 upstream and downstream

    CO₂ emissions in our upstream supply chain as well as from our products

    In our upstream supply chain, greenhouse gas emissions are (following a change in the method of calculation) at the same level as in the previous year and up 24% from the base year. We were able to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the use phase of our products by 10% year on year, for a 7% reduction compared with the base year, and are therefore on target for 2030.

    Water consumption and hazardous waste

    Resource use in our operations​

    While hazardous waste generation across the group has increased, water consumption is down 6%. Both values are still above the level needed to reach our target. ​

    Share of women

    Promote diversity within our own workforce

    The Krones Group employed more women, both in management-level positions and in general, in 2023 than in 2022. The proportion of women in management positions and in the overall workforce increased by 12% and 4% respectively compared to the previous year.​


    Education for our workforce

    Participation in continuing education opportunities across the Krones Group is increasing steadily.​

    Workplace accidents

    Strengthening occupational safety

    Workplace accidents were down slightly year on year, while lost days were up in 2023 from the previous year. Nevertheless, we are on target for both figures.


    Reduction of our emissions across the Krones Group


    Newsblog: Climate protection and sustainability

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