Stretch blow moulders
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Stretch blow moulders

    Stretch blow moulders

    A Formula One car that economises on fuel? Unimaginable on the racetrack, but no problem in a Krones PET line. In a lightning-fast 1.6 seconds, the stretch blow moulders from the Contiform 3 series transmute a preform into a PET bottle. With an output of 2,250 bottles per blow-moulding station, they produce your PET containers at a speed of 82,000 bottles per hour. This speed does not, however, show up in the consumption figures. Because design enhancements at carefully chosen points like the oven, the stretching system and the air recycling unit reduce the machine’s appetite for energy and compressed air – and even make the Contiform 3 Krones’ most economical stretch blow moulder ever.

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