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    Filling and packing technology
    Filling and packing technology

      A customised bottling line for each container type

      Whether for glass bottles, PET containers or cans, for filling, labelling or packing, for water, beer or soft drinks – Krones offers a customised system solution for every process step, every container type and every beverage category. The wide portfolio comprises all machines required for beverage production: From stretch blow moulders for PET containers and rinsers for glass bottles and cans, through to fillers suitable for every container type and labellers for all conventional labelling and decoration variants, as well as all dry-end systems.

      Bottling lines for PET containers

      It is by far the most frequently used beverage packaging material: PET. The reasons for this are plain to see: PET containers are, on the one hand, extremely light and easy to handle and are, on the other, extremely stable and tough. But this type of container also offers unbeatable advantages in beverage production: As a raw material, PET can be manufactured very efficiently, which not only has a positive impact on the production costs, but consequently also on the sales price of the end products. At the same time, PET containers protect sensitive goods like beverages, food and medications against oxygen, germs and other harmful influences.

      Selected references for PET containers

      Bottling lines for glass bottles

      They are the container type of choice for alcoholic beverages. For water, soft drinks or juices, they often underline the premium character of the brand: glass bottles.
      Their material properties offer two significant advantages for their use in the beverage industry: Thanks to their good gas barrier, glass containers guarantee a high standard of hygiene and a long shelf life for the end product.
      And their optical appearance can also be a highlight: A range of different labelling methods, including the use of direct print allow for a myriad of design options, which draw the consumer’s eye to the product.

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      Bottling lines for cans

      When it comes to popular and sustainable primary packaging, one item is at the top of its league: the beverage can. Cans are not only valued by consumers because they take up just a small amount of space and are easy to handle, they also stand out when it comes to their sustainability balance. They are a container of choice because of their material savings and they stand out thanks to their excellent recyclability.

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