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    High-speed canning line in Kuwait upgrades capacity for PepsiCo licensee Unibev

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    The Kuwaiti PepsiCo licensee United Beverage Company K.S.C.C (Unibev) has replaced two existing smaller canning lines with a single high-speed canning line from Krones.

    "For us, it was a matter of bringing our operations up-to-date and increasing our filling capacity to meet increased market demand," explains Joe Kilian, Production Manager for Unibev. "Until now, we've been working with two 40-year-old canning lines whose combined output is 90,000 cans per hour. Now we can run 120,000 cans per hour on a single machine." The order was also completed at top speed: Just twelve months passed from the time the contract was awarded to Krones until the final acceptance test.

    Project: New high-speed canning line
    Customer: United Beverage Company K.S.C.C
    Location: Kuwait
    Commissioning: May 2022
    Scope: Turnkey canning line rated at 120,000 cans per hour, including

    The new line in detail

    Unibev is using the new canning line to fill a variety of CSDs from PepsiCo's product range in 150-, 250- and 330-milliliter cans. Depending on the size, Unibev can configure the filled cans into a number of different tertiary packaging options on the two Variopac Pro packers: 3x2 shrink film, 6x4 tray with or without shrink film, 6x5 tray with or without shrink film.

    PepsiCo products are being filled on the new canning line. Image credits:


    On course for success

    With the soft drinks, Unibev holds well above 80 percent of the market in Kuwait. The company's share of the water market is over 30 percent. "We have a broad customer base and a stable market, which enables us to achieve steady growth. And we see no signs of decline anytime soon," says a gratified Joe Kilian. "We've been doing business with Krones for twelve years now. So, I guess you can say we're a long-time happy customer. We're pleased with the new line's performance. But it's not just about that: We appreciate the good partnership between our company and Krones. And the same goes for their efficient, sustainable after-sales service."

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