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LinaFlex tunnel pasteuriser

    Highly efficient pasteurisation

    Better safe than sorry

    Product safety is a core issue in marketing your beverage. Pasteurisation is very often procedure number one when it comes to preservation of the just filled products. The LinaFlex tunnel pasteuriser offers a pasteurisation process with precise PU control and an efficient use of resources. You will get a pasteuriser that is specifically designed to meet your operational requirements.

    At a glance

    • Modular single-deck or double-deck tunnel pasteuriser with precise PU control system
    • Main conveyors are exactly adjusted to suit the container characteristics and production conditions
    • Quick installation
    • Integration of long-lasting components
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    Three machine variants and their features

    Options for interior cleaning

    Feature/Machine variant LinaFlex LinaFlex Pro LinaFlex Pro with CLEAR system
    Boil out
    Detachable double sieves X X
    Dosing system optional
    Sedimentation X
    Filtration X
    UV water treatment system X X


    The concept

    • LinaFlex pasteuriser in modular basic design
    • Integration of all basic components such as PUC³, Marathon Belt or Ironman Belt

    What's the solution for cleaning and hygiene of the LinaFlex?

    • Boil out of the housing and manual cleaning procedures
    • Removal of particles and dirt using detachable double sieves
    • Manual cleaning of the detachable sieves
    • Regular water changes
    • Use of chemical disinfectants

    LinaFlex Pro

    The concept

    • Automatic removal system for glass fragments and other particles
    • Individual LinaFlex Pro pasteuriser configuration with the desired LinaFlex components
    • Optional: Retrofitting option for the CLEAR system

    What can the LinaFlex Pro removal system do?

    • Reliable extraction and removal of particles
    • Reliable protection of the nozzle system against clogging
    • No manual cleaning of detachable sieves necessary
    • Better removal capacity as compared to filter conveyor systems

    The design

    The design

    Benefits to you

    Maximum product safety

    The third-generation PU control system ensures maximum product safety and a constant product quality dynamically and in real time.

    Best hygienic conditions

    The clean design enables optimum cleaning with minimum personal requirement.

    High resource efficiency

    The LinaFlex excels with regard to numerous energy saving aspects:

    • Optimised water volumes thanks to integrated zone tanks
    • Up to 20 % reduced energy consumption during heating
    • Low consumption of chemicals and energy
    • The drive output per deck is 0.75 kW
    • Full insulation as an option for a reduction in emission losses of up to 60 %

    Low maintenance required

    Maintenance and service costs are reduced as readjusting the tension and replacement of wear strips are no longer required.

    Conveyors with a long service life

    The conveyors have an efficiency of at least 98 % and a service life of up to 20 years Thanks to a four times increased service life, up to 25,000 euros a year can be saved.

    Fully automatic product change-over

    The product change-over with sweeper is performed automatically and includes an automatically adjustable blower as an option. Thereby, the machine can be changed over to new types within less than 10 minutes*.

    * Depending on the zone configuration

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