Dependable and economical pasteurisation

High-precision product treatment with economical resource consumption

Product safety is a core issue in marketing your beverage. Only safe processes and a reliable shelf life that meet the demands of the trade and of your supply chain guarantee the continuous success of your products. Pasteurisation is very often procedure number one when it comes to preservation of the just filled products. Individual programmes for all products and container types make sure the product will be optimally preserved and handled gently throughout the process. The LinaFlex tunnel pasteuriser offers a pasteurisation process with precise PU control and an efficient use of resources. You will get a pasteuriser configured in single or double-deck form that is specifically designed to meet your operational requirements. For example, it will be equipped with conveyors which are adapted to the properties of the containers. The quick installation of the modular pasteuriser is another plus for high-performance production plants.
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LinaFlex double-deck tunnel pasteuriser

LinaFlex double-deck tunnel pasteuriser
  1. Lower infeed and discharge heights (1200 mm and 2120 mm)
  2. Stainless steel sliding doors
  3. Operator platforms at infeed and discharge
  4. Roof lights with self-hoisting cylinders
  5. CHESS central heating system
  6. Lateral catwalk for inspection of the spraying system
  7. Lightweight plastic doors along the machine sides
  8. Maintenance opening in every zone
  9. All components arranged at floor level along the side of the machine

Your advantages

Uniform and precisely defined heat transfer

Thanks to the fine-tuned spraying system, the product is safely pasteurised at every position in the pasteuriser. The PU logger system can be used for documenting this continuously uniform condition.

Save your resources

Water and energy requirement are decisive pasteurisation factors. With LinaFlex you set this parameter to a low level. In addition, customer-specific cooling concepts and heat recovery concepts in the pasteuriser maximise the saving effects – maintaining maximum pasteurisation accuracy.

Quick maintenance

You can access all pasteuriser areas quickly and without any tools. The large maintenance openings at the individual zones and the accessibility of the spraying water system from above allow to quickly complete all operation and maintenance tasks.

Hygienic general conditions

Clean Design manifests itself in many details: Spraying pipes with automatic reversible flow capability, sloping surfaces in the tanks and an automatic central draining feature guarantee maximum hygiene in the LinaFlex.

Short installation times thanks to modular structure

Due to the modular design, your plant will promptly be ready for operation after the installation of the new pasteuriser. This, of course, is a vital factor for your production planning.

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