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Frequently Asked Questions are a compilation of questions and answers concerning Krones AG. Whether you have a question about the company or the shares – you will find the answer here. And if you have a question to which you cannot find the answer here, the Corporate Communications Director will be glad to help you.

About the Company

When was Krones AG founded?

Krones was founded by Hermann Kronseder in Neutraubling in 1951.

Where is the company based?

The headquarters of Krones AG is in Neutraubling (Oberpfalz, Germany).

What products does Krones offer?

The company plans, develops, manufactures and installs machinery and complete systems for the filling and packaging industry and for the production of beverages. Its customers include breweries and beverage producers, the food industry and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

What business units is the company divided into?

The Krones Group has a 3-segment structure: plant and machinery for beverage production/process technology, plant and machinery for product filling and equipment, and plant and machinery for the lower output range.

What are the company's turnover and profits like?

Consolidated revenue 2016 was up 6.9% over 2015, to €3.39 billion. Earnings before taxes rose from €223.3 million in the previous year to €237.6 million.

What is the regional distribution of sales?

Krones achieved the majority of its sales outside Germany, with exports accounting for 90 per cent in 2016.

What is Krones' position on the market?

Krones is the leading manufacturer in the field of beverage filling and packaging machines.

Who are Krones' main competitors?

Its main competitors are Sidel (Tetra Laval group) and KHS (Salzgitter group).

How many employees does Krones have?

On 31.12.2016 Krones had a workforce of 14,443; 10,061 of them in Germany.

Where does Krones manufacture its products?

Krones produces new machines solely in Germany. It has production facilities in Neutraubling, Rosenheim, Nittenau, Freising and Flensburg. The subsidiary Kosme produces in Austria and Italy.

When does Krones' financial year begin and end?

Krones' financial year is the calendar year.

What accounting standards does Krones apply?

The company's annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

How can I order the current business report for the company?

You can order the current business report  online.

About the Share

When did Krones float on the stock exchange?

The Krones preference share was first listed on 10.29.1984.

What is the WKN and ISIN for the Krones share?

The WKN is 633500, the ISIN DE0006335003.

On what stock exchanges is the Krones share traded?

On all German exchanges and on the Xetra.

What category is the Krones share?

Krones shares are no-par value ordinary bearer shares.

When was the Krones preference stock converted into ordinary stock?

30 per cent of the preference stock was converted into ordinary stock in 1998, the remaining 70 per cent in 2004.

How many shares are there altogether?

There are 31,593,072 Krones shares.

In what indices is the Krones share represented?

The main indices in which the Krones share is listed are the MDAX and CDAX.

What is Krones' shareholder structure like?

51.58 % of the shares are owned by the Kronseder Family Consortium GbR, 48.42 % are in free float.

How high was the last dividend to be paid?

Krones paid a dividend of 1.45 euros per share for the financial year 2015.

When will the next Annual General Meeting be held?

The next Annual General Meeting is held in the Neutraubling town hall on 06.20.2017.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about the share?

The person to contact is Olaf Scholz.