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    Suppliers' portal
    Suppliers' portal

      Krones suppliers' portal accelerates the business processes

      The acceleration of processes, reduced delivery times and an improved quality are the main targets of an automated procurement system.

      The Krones suppliers' portal is used as central platform for managing the suppliers' master data and for coordinating the business processes between Krones and our suppliers.

      To provide us with a detailed image of you and your service portfolio, we made our eSupplier tool available to you. You can use this tool to administer your company data and contacts at your company and for updating the assignment of your products to our purchasing categories. We would also like you to answer the questions with regard to your qualification we provide with this tool.

      In the context of handling our business processes, our suppliers' portal enables us to electronically perform electronic enquiry and quotation processing plus order processing. In addition to the enquiry and ordering documents, you will automatically be provided with drawings and parts lists. Using our portal, you can directly enter via your browser quotations following Krones enquiries or order confirmations and send them to us. In our portal, many functions are available, such as individually adjustable e-mail notifications or participation notifications. Your business processes will benefit with regard to flexibility and efficiency.

      As many as 1,000 suppliers already use our Krones suppliers' portal for managing their business processes. The number of the document records has exceeded the million. Minimisation of the manual work and increase of the process reliability thanks to automation and standardisation speaks in favour of processing business via our suppliers' portal.

      If you wish to participate in the Krones suppliers' portal, get in contact with us and we will provide you with your individual access.

      Vendor’s declaration

      Vendor’s declarations are no longer issued through “customs data acquisition”.
      You will receive a separate email from us with a PDF file and instructions on how to create a vendor’s declaration.

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      Suppliers' portal
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