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    Corporate Governance
    The Supervisory Board

    The members of the Supervisory Board

    The members of the Supervisory Board
    Volker Kronseder
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    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    * Member of the Supervisory Board of University Hospital Regensburg
    * Member of the Economic Advisory Board of Bayerische Landesbank

    Werner Schrödl
    Werner Schrödl **
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    Deputy Supervisory Board Chairman
    Group Employees’ Council Chairman
    Composite Employees’ Council Chairman

    * Executive Board member of the Bavarian Company Health Insurance Funds Confederation

    Dr. phil. Verena Di Pasquale
    Dr. phil. Verena Di Pasquale **
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    Deputy Chairperson of DGB Bayern (the German Trade Union Confederation in Bavaria)

    Klaus Gerlach
    Klaus Gerlach **
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    Head of International Operations and Services

    Norman Kronseder
    Norman Kronseder
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    Farmer and forester

    * Bayerische Futtersaatbau GmbH

    Philipp Graf von und zu Lerchenfeld, MdB

    Philipp Graf von und zu Lerchenfeld

    Member of the German Bundestag

    Dipl.-Ing. agr., auditor and tax consultant

    Prof. Dr. jur. Susanne Nonnast
    Prof. Dr. jur. Susanne Nonnast
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    Professor at Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH)

    Beate Eva Maria Pöpperl
    Beate Eva Maria Pöpperl **
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    Full-time member of the Employees’ Council

    Petra Schadeberg-Herrmann
    Petra Schadeberg-Herrmann
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    Managing partner at Krombacher Finance GmbH, Schawei GmbH, Diversum Holding GmbH & Co. KG

    * Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG

    Jürgen Scholz
    Jürgen Scholz**
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    First authorised representative and treasurer of the IG Metall administrative office in Regensburg

    * Infineon Technologies AG

    Hans-Jürgen Thaus
    Hans-Jürgen Thaus
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    * Hawe Hydraulik SE
    * Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH
    * Kurtz Holding GmbH & Beteiligungs KG

    Josef Weitzer
    Josef Weitzer **
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    Deputy Group Employees’ Council Chairman
    Deputy Composite Employees’ Council Chairman

    * Sparkasse Regensburg


    * Other Supervisory Board seats held, pursuant to § 125 (1), Sentence 5 of the German Stock Corporation Act

    ** Elected by the employees