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    Lines for process technology
    Lines for process technology

      Beverage production from one source

      Would you like to conquer the mass market or produce exquisite beverages for connoisseurs, set efficiency records or establish a factory? Whatever you plan: Let us participate in our vision – we can provide you with the appropriate tool which can make your ideas become a reality.

      How can we manage this? Quite simply: From a wide portfolio including Krones, Steinecker, Evoguard and HST process equipment, we pick the appropriate component for each process step. And all of our products are uncomplicated team players which allows us to combine it to a harmonious and effective complete solution in your factory. You will be provided with brewing systems, water factories, soft drink lines and production facilities for juice products, as well as dairy plants according to the current standards, for each market.

      This opens up an enormous range of options, including the standard package for beginners to highly specialised factories operating in a three-shift mode.

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      We offer process equipment for all output ranges for the following beverage lines:

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