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    Krones Hydronomic
    Hydronomic water treatment system

      Water preparation for your product with character

      The purity law for your water

      Carbonated or non-carbonated, hot or chilled – regardless of how versatile our taste is for water, the demands for the basic elements of your product are just as versatile. With the Hydronomic water treatment systems, Krones provides an individual programme for careful treatment of your untreated water. Regardless if handling brewing or process water or raw material for soft drinks, juice or tea: With the Krones process technology, you will give your water exactly the character which will meet the requirements of your product and customers.

      At a glance

      • It operates with a water treatment process which is tailored exactly to your requirements
      • It prepares between 5 and 120 m³ of water per hour – optionally with a variable production quantity
      • Minimised waste water thanks to its sophisticated technology
      • Best possible access for operators and service personnel
      • Minimised cleaning chemicals due to the stainless steel construction which can be sanitised completely with hot water
      • It can be expanded thanks to modular design
      Hydronomic water treatment system
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      Our solutions for your water treatment

      We will adapt the equipment of your individual treatment steps individually to your economic and technological requirements. With our modular component system, we will always find the correct solution – from the high-end all the way to a cost-attractive basic version.

      Hydronomic MF/GAC (Media Filtration)

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      It filters and adsorbs unwanted and undissolved suspended solids, odorants, organics, chlorine, iron, manganese, etc.) with different filter media (e.g. silica sand, manganese oxide, basalt and activated carbon).

      Benefits to you 

      High hygienic standard

      The filtration line is fully designed in stainless steel. This way, the entire line can be fully satinised with hot water.

      Perfect filtration performance

      The so-called fill of the filter media is selected targeted and individually adjusted to the respective application. This leads to optimal filtration results.

      Gentle on the resources and the filter media

      Filter media that ideally harmonise with each other, prolong the filtration cycles and minimise the necessary frequency of back-flushing. This saves water and increases the life cycles of most filter media.

      Flexible line configuration

      The modular line construction enables an easy expansion of the Hydronomic.

      Hydronomic UF (Ultra Filtration)

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      It uses membrane technology with hollow fibres (pore size of 0.02 μm) for ultra filtration of water in the in/out operation.

      Benefits to you


      In order to reduce the energy consumption, hollow fibres are used for filtration. They require less pressure and offer a larger filter surface.

      Non-interrupted operation – also during rinsing

      Thanks to the bypass structure of the filtration elements, the individual modules can be cleaned during the operation by backwashing the ultra filtrate. This way, the usual decoupling tank can be omitted.

      Cleaning with filtrated media

      During the CIP process, the used chemicals are dosed prior to the ultra filtration into the untreated water flow and are therefore filtered before being used.

      High-quality line concept

      The Hydronomic UF is is equipped with high-quality components, both in its stainless steel design and in its basic version. This way, the line is designed especially for a long service life.

      Effective cleaning

      Safe cleaning
      The In/out concept offers optimum conditions for the effective and safe cleaning of the hollow fibre membranes. The stainless steel option allows for sanitising the line with hot water and without the need of any cleaning agents.

      Hydronomic RO (Reverse Osmosis)

      It desalinates water with membrane technology in a reverse osmosis technology where the membrane spiral wound modules is flushed tangentially.

      Benefits to you

      Economic structure of the individual banks

      If the conductance in the permeate is changed, the reverse osmosis elements can be tested inline and checked for malfunctions. Faulty elements can be replaced targeted and cost-saving.

      Suitable rinsing steps with permeate

      In order to prevent scaling, the line contents will be rinsed with permeate when needed.

      Modular structure with long service life

      A long service life is achieved through the deliberate choice in favour of a modular system design and a high manufacturing quality. Thanks to their large overall size, there is only little stress on the membranes which therefore achieve long service lives.

      Step-by-step CIP sequences

      At the CIP process, the respective container can be filled with permeate and chemicals removed from it. The banks of the system are thus cleaned one after the other, or individually.

      Economic in the use of energy

      Depending on the pre-pressure of the untreated water, the permeate performance is regulated. This provides a low energy consumption.

      Long-term guarantee

      The investment in a stainless steel version which can be sanitised with hot water pays off: The omission of chemical cleaning agents increases the service life of the membranes. The guarantee is prolonged optionally by up to five years.

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