Spread of the coronavirus
Krones assumes responsibility for its employees, customers and business partners. We have taken numerous measures to slow down the spread of the infection and continue to provide our customers with the best possible support. Read more
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    Production Facilities
    Production Facilities

      Close to the customer

      For the production of our lines, we deliberately bank on the proximity to our customers.

      In the German factories in Neutraubling, Nittenau, Rosenheim, Freising and Flensburg, we employ approximately 10,000 persons. Their expert knowledge and commitment are the basis for the high quality which our customers rightfully expect from Krones.

      With more than 100 sites all over the world, Krones has already established a global network in the Lifecycle Service area. In order to also provide the quickest possible service to our customers in the new machines business, Krones will likewise expand its production to international sites. While the administrative centre for the entire Krones Group, as well as the assembly and development centres for the filling, labelling, plastics technology and process equipment are located in Germany, other production facilities all over the world produce certain machines and lines, such as from the packaging and palletising technology division.