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    • Czech Republic

      Discover an exciting industry

      From brewing technologies and recycling systems for plastic packaging to systems for the production of vegan milk alternatives: as a top supplier to the food and beverage industry, the Krones Group has many exciting products to offer. Sound exciting? Then jump on board and become part of the team!

      Your dream job is waiting for you
    • Czech Republic

      Set the world in motion

      At you are a part of a major movement. We firmly believe: digitalization is the key to a productive, secure and, above all, sustainable industry. This is precisely the goal that we are aiming to achieve with our “Solutions beyond tomorrow”. Join us in experiencing how an entire industry is changing with your help.

      Your dream job is waiting for you
    • Czech Republic

      Work with friends

      In the community, we stick together - and this is especially true for our teams ind Prag and Pilsen. Because we are not a community of convenience, but people who value each other and enjoy spending time together - not just in the office, but also at parties, doing sport and having a beer together after work.

      Your dream job is waiting for you
    Location Czech Republic Czech Republic your new job in Prague or Pilsen

      Are you passionate about digitalization? Do you want to advance your career? And would you also like to be an advocate for a sustainable future? Then work with us on Solutions beyond tomorrow!

      As a member of the community, you are on an exciting mission. You will fundamentally change the entire industry: with new technologies and digital services that enable a sustainable and thus liveable future for all of us.

      Your passion

      Our mission for a sustainable tomorrow

      Revolutions do not just happen. They are started – by people who are enthusiastic about new ideas and open to collaboration without boundaries. It is our wish to lead the food and beverage industry into a sustainable future. And that is precisely why we are promoting digital transformation.

      You are passionate about digitalization and would like to advance your career? You have the confidence to work with us in transforming an entire industry? You would like your work to contribute to a sustainable and liveable future for us all? Then become a member of the community - and help us shape our “Solutions beyond tomorrow”!

      Your team

      Freedom and recognition in an international team

      What do you need to make progress with your assignments? No-one knows the answer to this better than you. Whether you work at home, in your favourite café, at our chic location in Pilsen or in our co-working space in the middle of Prague's old town: at, you have many opportunities to arrange your everyday life in the way that suits you best.

      However, regardless of where you are currently working: you can always count on the community. Because even if we are all spread out in very different places around the globe: we value and support each other - both professionally and personally.

      Your task

      High-tech you can touch

      The software and automation solutions are part of a greater whole. The Krones Group supplies the food and beverage industry with everything it needs for its production - from individual machines to turnkey factories.

      Our contribution to this are software and automation solutions that, for example, increase the efficiency of filling lines, make storage processes more flexible or prevent production-related food waste. To do so, we use cutting-edge technologies such as AWS, Python, C# and Typescript.

      What makes this so special: you can experience the entire journey of Krones products at first hand - from the initial idea right through to the installation of the software solutions developed by you and your team in our customers’ companies.