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    Brimming with talent and enthusiasm: our new machine learning expert

    15. September 2021
    4:15 min.

    I have met and hired quite a few talented people in my time as a recruiter at Krones. And since I am sure you are just as intrigued as I am about these new faces, I would like to introduce you today to a rather special newcomer:

    Ahmad Alsheikh, who has just successfully completed two Master courses! In the CRD Analytics and Simulations Department, his remit now includes reinforcement learning. I talked to him to find out more about the 27-year-old from Jordan.

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    #Trade fair

    Trade fair

    The return of tradeshows in the US – Craft Brewers Conference 2021

    It had been a long time since we last saw our brewing customers at the last Craft Brewers Conference in April 2019. In fact, the recent Craft Brewers Conference with BrewExpo America has been the first trade show here in the US for Krones in over two years!

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