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    Welcome to the new Krones magazine

    20. July 2021
    2:50 min.

    Transferring our customer magazine to the online world - This idea had been going through the heads of our editorial team for quite some time.

    But that is something easier said than done because it is by no means as easy as you might think to discontinue the printed magazine after 33 years. Still the relevant decision was taken in the autumn of 2020, and we have been working flat out on our new format since then.

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    Multipurpose filler for bottles and cans

    15. November 2020
    2:35 min.

    New from the House of Krones: For the first time, the Krones Group presents a multipurpose filler that handles both bottles and cans – the Barifill Canto.

    Our Italian subsidiary Kosme is responsible for its development, construction, and installation. Kosme wanted to be able to offer smaller craft breweries and wineries the greatest possible flexibility in container choice – glass bottles, cans, or both – without requiring them to invest in two different filling machines.

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    Tethered Caps? We are ready for the new EU regulation!

    08. March 2021
    5:30 min.

    Beverage packaging is about to undergo a visible change – at least in the EU. Why? Because in the future, the caps of non-returnable plastic bottles must be designed so that they remain connected to the bottle even after opening.

    To make the transition as smooth as possible, the industry is already getting ready for its introduction, even though the regulation does not come into effect until 2024. As the advisors from PricewaterhouseCoopers forecast in a study, around 1,350 bottling lines EU-wide will need to be prepared to handle tethered caps.

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