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    Push notification for all new articles in the Krones magazine

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    17. December 2021
    2:00 min.

    We have to admit it: RSS technology has meanwhile been around for quite some time in the online world. And since this solution is not only simple but also convenient and easy to set up, we’re now offering you an option to subscribe to the Krones magazine via RSS feed.

    Whether it’s spotlighting our technology in shopfloor reality, exciting innovations and industry trends or telling you what’s happening in the world of Krones – the Krones magazine always keeps you up to speed on the latest news from the food and beverage business. But perhaps you’d rather not have to keep checking if new stories have been posted. Well, now you can simply set up an RSS feed for the Krones magazine! That will make sure that a notification will be sent to your computer or smart phone as soon as a new article goes online.

    Are you new to RSS feeds?

    Don’t worry – It’s child’s play, really! There are only two requirements: You have to have an RSS-feed reader, and you have to subscribe to our Krones magazine.

    Briefly explained: What exactly are RSS feeds?

    “Rich Site Summary”, “Really Simple Syndication”, “RDF Site Summary” – the abbreviation RSS stands for various designations. But ultimately they all mean the same thing: web feeds which collect the latest contents of a certain website and update them at regular intervals. So RSS readers enable their users to be notified of all incoming messages, without each time having to call up the site in question. This is an interesting option especially for news sites, podcasts or blogs because it’s a convenient way of keeping you continually up to date.

    To make things easier for you, we have summarised the most important steps below:

    Step 1: Find out the feed URL

    To link up the RSS feeds of a website to Outlook or to an installed RSS-reader app (see Step 2), you first need the website’s feed URL. Websites do not store that information uniformly. There will often be a symbol with link to a URL, or alternatively you can also find out the feed URL through the source code.

    With the Krones magazine, you’re in luck: you don’t have to delve into the depths of the code. You will see directly at the top right of each page that the RSS function is available. 

    Step 2: Link up the feed URL

    There are two options for using RSS feeds: Firstly, you can add RSS feeds directly in Outlook, so that the latest contents of the websites you’ve subscribed to will appear as incoming mail in Outlook. Secondly, it is possible to install an app that functions as an RSS reader and enables you to subscribe to the websites you want and to have push notifications or news tickers displayed.

    Article 26623
    Clicking on this symbol will pass you from any page directly to the RSS link for the Krones magazine.

    a) Linking up to Outlook:

    If you want to link up RSS feeds directly to your email program, start by opening Outlook. You will find a folder called “RSS feeds” among the various folders included in your inbox as a standard feature. When you click on it with the right-hand mouse button, the menu option “Add new RSS feed” will appear, followed by an empty line into which you have to insert the feed URL – in our case Now store this path in memory by clicking on “Add”. And presto – a new subfolder will appear that will in future display the latest articles from the Krones magazine directly in your Outlook mailbox.

    b) Using an RSS-reader app:

    As with many online applications, there are various apps available for RSS feeds, all of which work on similar principles. Basically, there is always a menu option under which new RSS feeds can be added to a list. You do this simply by copying and inserting the feed URL, just as in Outlook.
    As a rule, it does not matter which of the apps you install. The Krones magazine’s feed URL can be linked up to any of them.

    Nor does it matter whether you’re using a separate app or Outlook as the RSS reader, since they all work the same way: When a new article appears in the Krones magazine, you will immediately be sent a notification with a link passing you directly to the article concerned.

    So all in all, an RSS feed is not just a “Rich Site Summary” but above all Really Sensible Stuff that provides you with a fast overview of what’s happening on your favourite websites like that of the Krones magazine.

    Desktop notifications for the Krones Magazine

    Desktop notifications for the Krones Magazine

    If you additionally want to be notified by a pop-up window as soon as there is something new to read, define a new rule for desktop notifications. To find out how that works, read these brief step-by-step Microsoft instructions.

    17. December 2021
    2:00 min.

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