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    Krones VarioAsept J
    VarioAsept J product UHT system

      Microbiological safety for your products

      Natural, tasty and durable

      As little as possible, as much as necessary – this is the declared goal of the product heating process in terms of parameters, time and temperature. The VarioAsept UHT system masters this challenge with flying colours.

      At a glance

      • Thermal product treatment for aseptic filling processes
      • Used for juice products, soft drinks, teas, mixed coffee and tea drinks (VarioAsept J) and for dairy products (VarioAsept M)
      • Comprises tubular or plate heat exchanger, optional deaeration module and homogeniser, buffer tank and media supply
      Brochure Krones VarioAsept J
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      Components of the modular component system

      Components of the modular component system

      VarioStore tank system for aseptic lines 

      • Vacuum-sealed and pressurised up to 6 bar
      • Fully aseptic, automatic valve manifold between UHT system and buffer tank
      • With integrated system for sterile gas filtration

      Module for media supply

      • Uncoupling of downstream process for stable production conditions

      Krones VarioSpin product deaerator

      Deaeration with patented swirl infeed nozzle:

      • Ensures that gas bubbles will quickly escape from the product
      • Reduces oxidative impact such as loss of vitamins or discolouration of juices

      Heat exchanger

      Depending on product requirements:

      • Plate heat exchanger
      • Tubular heat exchanger with cross-corrugated tubes for less thermal impact

      Alternatively: direct heating with VarioAsept D

      Service module

      • Energy supply for product heat exchanger
      • Electrical and pneumatic controller with MCC and Krones HMI

      Benefits to you

      Temperature control by choice

      The heating process can be optionally controlled with a precise Fvalue or temperature control system, or through flexible PU regulation.

      Low product losses

      A rework tank for mixing phases, the integrated buffer tank and automatic output regulation in the event of production fluctuations in upstream and downstream systems contribute to high cost effectiveness.

      Long production times

      Aseptic intermediate cleaning with caustic at the product treatment temperature of the heat exchanger can be carried out without interrupting the aseptic filler production as the filler is supplied by the aseptic buffer tank.

      Aseptic product change-over

      Water flushing within 35 minutes between the last and the first bottle (for Krones standard layout) provides high flexibility for production.

      Gentle product treatment

      The thermal and oxidative stress on your product will be reduced because specially designed inner tubes in the selective heater and chiller sections can be heated and chilled again very quickly.

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