Machine visualisation system Connected HMI
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Machine visualisation system Connected HMI

    The window to the machine

    The focal point between the user interface and the machine

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    Easy, flexible and safe: With the new Connected HMI platform, Krones is setting benchmarks in terms of technology, usability and consistency. The interface between user and machine – in short HMI – also makes sure that both parties can communicate with each other within a split second.

    At a glance

    • Connected: maximum degree of networking between the machines and connection to superordinated IT systems

    • Secure: powerful against attacks through firewalls and most modern IT security technology

    • User-friendly: clear and innovative navigation structure for intuitive operation

    • Clean: Hygienic design thanks to the combination of stainless steel and glass

    Machine visualisation system Connected HMI
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    Benefits to you

    Networked view of the line

    Less walking routes between the machines, quicker reaction times and avoidance of unnecessary downtimes: The high degree of networking gives you the required overview and guarantees efficient production processes.

    Maximum IT security

    State-of-the-art safety devices and regular software updates keep the IT security level always at high standards in the long run.

    Uniform surface design

    In order to provide an intuitive navigation structure for all machines, the new surface design is uniform for the entire software. This way, all lines can be operated quickly and easily.

    Integral task system

    It is hardly possible to forget maintenance tasks or schedules for material procurement: A customised task system plans the production-relevant tasks at an early stage and avoids downtimes.

    Hygienic design of the operator panel

    The stainless steel glass housing is designed especially for the requirements of the beverage industry and with regards to the hygiene it clearly exceeds the average conditions. This hygienic design enables even more thorough cleaning.

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