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    Krones VarioSpin
    VarioSpin product deaerator

      The efficient product deaerator

      Foam-free filling of juice products

      You have invested a great deal in order to develop a fruit juice beverage of top quality? You want to be sure that this quality is preserved in the manufacturing and filling processes? Then integrate the Krones product deaerator VarioSpin in your manufacturing process. With VarioSpin you make use of a compact vacuum-assisted deaerator which permits highly effective filling processes without the formation of foam at the filling valve.

      At a glance

      • Deareation tanks with patented swirl inlet
      • Output: 7.5 to 60 m3/h
      • Recovery and return of flavouring through a Venturi nozzle
      • Internal recirculation for a multi-stage deaeration
      • Reduced mixing phases for short change-over times and low product losses
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      Water saving − Reduced water consumption thanks to intelligent sealing water utilisation in the vacuum pump circuit − Only 10 l/h* of water instead of 1,000 l/h (*Depending on the pump size)
      Innovation: patented swirl inlet nozzle − Gentle distribution − Reduced foaming − Product feed independent from the volume flow rate − Entire tank as a material exchange surface − High gas reduction
      Venturi nozzle − Just-in-time return of flavouring with reliable homogenisation via the product pump
      Compact design − Minimum of mixing phases − No moving parts in the vacuum area − Short product dwell time in the system − Smallest space requirement on the market
      Efficient flavouring condensation − High product quality without the loss of flavouring sensation

      Benefits to you

      The right swirl

      The dissolved gas can be quickly eliminated from the product with the thin product film upon entry into the deaeration container. And the performance of your filling line remains continually at a high level.

      Foam-reduced filling

      The deaeration performance benefits from product which is fed in gently and a turbulent surface. Without foaming, the product can be deaerated highly efficiently.

      Variable product flow

      The technology of the swirl inlet guarantees flexibility in the deaeration performance. You can adjust the product flow at constant deareation rates by up to 50 percent without any dynamic components and high maintenance effort.

      Efficient product change-over conditions

      Due to the smaller tank volume resulting from the efficient product infeed technology, you can achieve up to 50 percent fewer mixing phases during product change-overs.

      Comfortable operation and maintenance

      During the operation of the VarioSpin deaeration module, your employees profit from the ergonomically arranged measurement devices and sensors. Furthermore, the small number of seals and components is a clear advantage in daily operation.

      Flexible during operational changes

      If changes are carried out in your plant, the VarioSpin product deaerator adjusts to them. Since it is modular in design and software concept, the product deaerator can be quickly integrated in new lines or it can be supplemented as a stand-alone solution.

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