Krones Variostore

VarioStore tank system for aseptic systems

Maximised product safety and product quality

The intermediate storage and buffering of products in the product treatment process is crucial for an effective and finely tuned production process. The Krones VarioStore range of sterile tanks includes versions with or without agitator and a tank volume of between 20 and 50 m³. The vacuum-tight tank is complemented by a valve manifold with aseptic product valves, sterile steamlocks and the necessary process gas feed.

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Your benefits

  • Available as an independently operating aseptic buffer tank with its own PLC or integrated into a thermal product treatment system, depending on the application
  • Up to three process gases can be connected for superimposing pressure on the products
  • Tank cooling can be configured with water return system
  • Product homogenisation in VarioStore, in a version with magnetic agitator and hermetic separation of sterile and ambient areas or with condensate-rinsed bar agitator
  • Sterile gas filtration with redundant 0.2 μm filter plus inline steam sterilisation
  • Content display in aseptic version by means of capillary differential pressure measurement

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