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Mixing systems

Non-alcoholic refreshment drinks are the hit. This is why more and more flavour combinations appear on the market awaking the consumers' curiosity. It calls for a flexible line technology which provides a maximum leeway for the beverage manufacturers and for product mixing.

At a glance

  • Mixers and carbonators for the production of beverage variants
  • Up to five different sizes with variable outputs (33 to 100 percent) of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 m³/h are available.
  • Saving space of up to 15 percent thanks to compact design and integral filler valve manifold
  • Highly accurate dosing of syrup and CO2 for a reduced syrup consumption of up to 0.4 percent
  • Optional: integration into the Modulfill VFS-M via eliminated interface between the filler and the mixer
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Benefits to you

Economical use of syrup

The syrup consumption can be reduced drastically thanks to the production at the bottom limit of the Brix range. In addition to that, a Brix-value-controlled admission of the syrup prevents the loss of syrup during the start and the end of production as well as during a product change-over.

Flexible output

The mixer production output can be individually adjusted from 33 to 100 percent of the rated output. The regulated output results in a reduced gas consumption. 

Low operating costs

The sealing water is reduced to a minimum by admitting the sealing water at a later point depending on the temperature.

Automated processes

The rinsing function via water and syrup supply starts automatically already during the production mode in the individual line modules thereby relieving the operator personnel. 

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