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    Modulfill VFS-M with PFR valves
    Modulfill VFS-M with PFR valves

      Filling made easy: faster, safer and without foaming

      Faster filling – without foaming

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      Time is money – that is the motto for the new Modulfill VFS-M with PFR valves. Not only the duration of the filling process, but also the air consumption and space requirement have been reduced – which is also easy on your budget. And thanks to its new, infinitely adjustable PFR valve, the filler scores brownie points with regard to product quality. The flow speed can be exactly adjusted to suit the various products: Foaming due to excessively fast filling or wasted time due to excessively slow filling are a thing of the past.

      At a glance

      • Fast filling of CSD, juice and water
      • Infinitely adjustable PFR filling valves for optimum flow speeds
      • Reduced number of components due to the optimised interface with the mixer
      • The carbonation tank of the integrated mixer is also the feed tank to the filler
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      Download brochure Krones Modulfill VFS-M filling system with synchronised mixer with PFR valves
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      The design

      The design
      New development of the Contiflowmixer
      Direct connection between mixer and filler
      Carrousel without ring bowl: Product distribution via ring channel
      Decentralised control of the filling valve operation by means of PFR component: no large electronics cabinet is required
      Automatically positioned CIP cups with magnetic locking mechanism
      Filler design without PET lifting unit
      Centralised control of filler and mixer by means of one main operator station
      Volumetric filling valve with PFR component
      Compact design due to the integrated valve manifold
      Separate product tank ensures minimum product loss

      Benefits to you

      Enhanced product quality

      The new PFR valve enables optimum adjustment of the filling speed to suit the particular product properties. Products which tend to foam excessively can also be processed.

      Increased output

      The filler operates without lifting cam, which increases the filling angle: This, in turn, increases the output for the same line size. Filling carbonated soft drink products with a PFR valve, for instance, will increase the annual output by up to 25 per cent, that is 72 million bottles (based on 0.5 litre bottles and a pitch diameter of 4,320 mm).

      Improved cleaning

      The CIP cups automatically swing into place using a magnet. This contact-free process without pneumatic components optimises the hygienic conditions and enables the installation of more filling valves on a pitch diameter.

      Saved energy and raw materials

      The PFR valve operates electronically. This saves 30 per cent compressed air as compared to electropneumatic filling.

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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