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    Automated product change-over with LineXpress
    Automated product change-over with LineXpress

      Automated product change-over with LineXpress

      Changing over lines in record time

      Broad range of products and small single batches often push many lines to their economic limit. Why? Because the complex change-over processes use up more and more valuable production time.

      Would you like to get this time back and use it productively? LineXpress makes this possible. The system pushes product change-overs on a line to its maximum efficiency. How? By simply automating essential processes and directing the entire change-over process as a whole.

      At a glance

      • Automation and coordination of the change-over process on one line
      • Reduced product change-overs to up to 10 minutes
      • Reduced format change-overs to up to 30 minutes
      • Increased line efficiency by up to 20 percent
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      Why and what for?

      Starting point

      Complex change-over processes ...

      • require up to 1,000 working steps.
      • drastically reduce the line availability.
      • increase the personnel requirement.
      • bear the risk of operator and adjustment faults.

      The solution

      The LineXpress system ...

      • coordinates all steps which are required for the change-over.
      • allows a fully-automatic performance of essential processes
      • leads the operator quickly through the process and without any faults.
      • enables several process steps simultaneously instead of in succession.

      The effect

      The following performances can be achieved with multi-format lines:

      • Increased productivity with a line of the same size
      • Same productivity with a smaller line

      In both cases, the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is increased by 20 percent!

      Overview of the process


      Benefits to you

      Production instead of change-over

      The trouble-free and automated processes increase your overalls equipment effectiveness: Even with comprehensive handling parts change-overs, you can start the new batch already after a mere 30-minutes intermediate stop!

      Minimum personnel requirement

      The UnitXpress modules perform many change-over processes fully automatically and all other processes are accelerated through proactive assistance systems. Even packers with numerous handling parts can be changed over within less than 30 minutes by only one operator and with reproducible results.

      Less restrictions in the planning phase

      The short change-over times make it possible to use the same product more often and to produce smaller batches. This comes in handy if you don't want to be bound to large storage capacities or if you would even like to realise a just-in-time production depending on the current demand.

      New potentials for your brand

      Have you limited your bottle sizes or designs due to long change-over times until now? With LineXpress, you can use a large range of packaging variants without running the risk of your production effectiveness suffering from this.

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