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    Krones FlexiFruit
    Krones FlexiFruit

      Filling with the twin-flow method

      Treats juice and fruit pieces separately

      The quality of juice is not only defined by its taste but also by the feeling in the mouth. The Krones dosing systems are the solution for all bottling plants that strive for top product quality and wish to lean on a high-standard fruit juice production as compared to the conventional hot filling process.

      At a glance

      • Application: Beverages with fruit components, such as premium fruit juices or mixed milk beverages
      • Processes food pieces or fruit components of all kinds and consistencies
      • Doses fruit pieces with a size of 10x10x10 millimetres independent from the aseptic filling or hot filling process
      • Processes fruit and juice separately and therefore reduces damage on the fruit pieces to a minimum
      Brochure Krones Twin-flow procedure
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      The twin-flow method

      Krones FlexiFruit is an intelligent and self-adjusting pre-dosing system which controls the dosing quantity on its own via the Modulfill filler.

      Das Prinzip des Zweistrom-Verfahrens
      Drip-off time
      Pipe draining
      Dosing of fruit pieces
      Juice filling
      Pre-dosing inspection
      • The juice flow (main flow) is briefly and conventionally heated with the plate heat exchanger and deaerated to reduce oxidation products.
      • At the same time, the flow of particles is heated separately in special tubular heat exchangers and fed by means of pumps that are gentle on the product.

      Mixing of the two components:

      • The FlexiFruit pre-dosing system doses fruit pieces with a size of up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimetres into the empty containers.
      • The Modulfill filler fills the juice portion hot into the containers which already contain the fruit pieces.

      Twin-flow procedure: Fruit flow (yellow) and juice flow (blue)

      Twin-flow procedure: Fruit flow (yellow) and juice flow (blue)
      Cooling tunnel
      Hot filling
      Pre-dosing of fruit pieces
      Flash pasteuriser
      Rework tank
      Blending tanks
      Flash pasteuriser
      Rework tank
      Blending tanks
      Powder dissolving unit
      Sugar dissolving unit with syrup tank
      CIP system
      Emptying station for concentrate containers

      Benefits to you

      Top product quality

      Separate processing of fruit and juice reduces the damage rate to an absolute minimum thus allowing even highly sensitive sacs to be filled into the bottle in a good condition.

      Low operating costs

      The entire line has four clever details which provide a media, raw material and energy-efficient production such as smooth operating agitators which prevents product loss or flash pasteurisers for separate treatment of the product flows.

      High-precision dosing quantity

      The fruit pieces are dosed to the products not earlier than at the point of filling. This way, predefined quantities can be exactly maintained and cost-intensive overdosing is no longer an issue.

      Complete line from a single source

      The twin-flow procedure is designed as a complete solution and it is equipped with uniform materials, recurring components and a consistent software solution. Process and filling technology seamlessly integrate into each other to one perfect unit.

      This is why the FlexiFruit is enviro-classified:

      Energy efficiency

      • Heat exchangers with high energy recovery customised to the customers' products

      Media efficiency

      • Minimum use of raw materials thanks to a high homogeneity during the process and precise dosing directly into the empty container

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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