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    Krones Ozonomic
    System for ozonisation of water Ozonomic

      Krones in-house solution for the ozonisation of water

      For filling still water with high product quality

      Ozone is one of the strongest oxidising agents and is used for disinfection. Its benefits: when dissolved in water, it reliably removes bacteria and viruses – and, after just a short time, breaks down without leaving any residue. It is for this reason that an ozone system is often connected upstream from conventional fillers when filling still water.

      If you fill still water and a high product quality is your utmost priority, then the Krones Ozonomicis precisely the right choice.

      At a glance

      • Reliably kills viruses and bacteria
      • Thanks to the integrated oxygen generator: a compressed-air supply is sufficient, no separate oxygen connection is needed
      • Ideally designed to suit adjacent Krones technologies: water treatment systems from the Hydronomic series and fillers from the Modulfill range
      • Various outputs: 15, 30, 45 and 60 m³/h
      Brochure Krones Ozonomic
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      Method of operation

      The Ozonomic operates on the principle of “still electrical discharging“. In this principle, the oxygen flows through the ozone generator module. The high-voltage electrodes contained there discharge electrical energy, which causes oxygen molecules (O2) to split and ozone molecules (O3) to form.

      This ozone is then added to drinking water before filling. The typical dose is 0.4 mg/l water.

      Double disinfection effect

      This not only ensures a reliable product quality, but also a hygienic filling process – as the ozone in the product water also sterilises the parts of the container and cap that come into contact with the product.

      The design



      • Highly efficient ozone generator
        Manufactured by Sewec (Germany)
        An integrated oxygen generator firstly removes nitrogen from the supplied compressed air. The ozone generator is operated with up to 93 percent pure oxygen.
      • Stainless steel ozone injection system (2 – 3 bar)
        Type: Venturi
        Efficient ozonisation output – even at high water temperatures or high pH values 
      • Integrated cooling unit for the ozone generator
      • Device for ambient air monitoring

      Benefits to you

      Extremely low operating costs

      No separate oxygen supply is needed for the conversion of oxygen into ozone. The Ozonomic operates on the basis of compressed air which, using an integrated oxygen generator, removes the nitrogen and thus creates an oxygen content of up to 93 percent.

      Always an efficient ozonisation performance

      Integrated in the Ozonomic is an ozone injection system made of stainless steel, which works at a pressure of 2 to 3 bar. It ensures an efficient ozonisation output – even at high water temperatures or pH values.

      Highest hygiene standard

      Adding ozone to drinking water not only stabilises the product itself. The ozone in the product water also sterilises the parts of the container and cap that come into contact with the product.

      Perfectly tuned to the filling system

      The interaction between the Ozonomic and Krones filling system is also ideal. The systems technology and operability of both systems are perfectly adapted to one another and thus ensure a smooth process and easy operator handling.

      Uncomplicated start-up

      “Everything from a single source” pays off already during start-up – the Krones service personnel starts up the Ozonomic directly with the rest of the Krones scope of supply – meaning that you not only save time, but also keep the amount of external personnel at the installation site low.

      Ozonomic as the perfect complement to the Hydronomic range


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