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    Krones Cantronic
    Cantronic can inspection unit

      Quality control for beverage cans

      Twice as safe and thrice as quick

      If you see 33 cans whizzing past you every second, you can lose track of what's going on. This does not apply to the Cantronic. The can inspector detects even the most minute dirt or deformation at this speed. Both the cans and the machine benefit from such thoroughness: The cans, because they reach the point of sale at their best possible quality, and the machines because there are no malfunctions caused by faulty cans.

      At a glance

      • Quality control of cans
        • Flange
        • Inner side wall
        • Base
      • Optional additional equipment:
        • Test container program
        • Inner side-wall inspection unit with additional camera unit
      • Rated output: up to 130,000 cans per hour
      • Increase of the line efficiency
      Brochure Krones Cantronic
      0.48 MB, .pdf


      One camera unit  
      Inspects the containers for:
      • Ovality
      • Incomplete flange
      • Opaque dirt
      General prerequisite: No water drops


      One camera unit  
      Inspects the containers for:
      • Opaque dirt
      • Dents or creases 
      • Coating faults
      General prerequisite: No water drops


      One camera unit   Additional camera unit for the neck area
      Inspection range
      Inspects the containers for: Opaque dirt Opaque dirt
      General prerequisite: No water drops  


      00 - Article Item 38379

      One camera unit

      00 - Article Item 38380

      Additional camera unit for the 
      neck area

      • Inspection 
        • Standard: One camera
        • Optional: Four cameras
      • Can conveyance by means of vacuum conveyor
      • Rejection systems
        • Ecopush: Maximum of 100,000 containers per hour
        • Directpush: Maximum of 132,000 containers per hour

      Faulty test containers are used to check the inspection units for 
      proper operation. 

      Technology used

      • Multifunctional test container with colour strips, for example:
        • Test container 1: Base centre, inner side-wall bottom, beading
        • Test container 2: Base border, inner side-wall bottom, beading

      Method of operation

      • The program is called up automatically after a specified number of 
        containers or time 
      • Results display after successful/unsuccessful through passage
      • All of the results are saved automatically with the date and time

      Benefits to you

      • Very high product safety
      • Simple and low-cost manufacture of the test cans

      Password protection with transponder

      • Production is started once an authorised person logs on 
      • Identification using transponder technology 
      • Password protection with automatic log-out function

      Rejection monitoring

      Monitoring of the rejection unit

      Benefits to you

      Precise quality control

      The high-resolution basic camera detects even the most minute dirt and irregularities. The additional camera unit enables you to even detect creases and dirt in the neck area which are very hard to find.

      High line efficiency

      Damaged or deformed cans pose a significant safety risk to the filling line which may result in machine standstills and even machine damage. The Cantronic sorts out all those "risky" cans thus increasing the overall line efficiency by approximately 5%.

      Remote diagnostics and maintenance

      The Krones Remote Service provides you with round-the-clock expert advice and support. If required, a Krones service engineer can access your inspector via a secure data link. Parameter settings, software updates and fault analyses can thus be carried out quickly, cost-effectively and with absolute security.

      Protected access

      Transponders protect the device from undesired access.

      High degree of operational reliability

      The Cantronic automatically rejects fallen-over containers and features a continuous self-monitoring function. Malfunctions and faulty operations are thereby prevented from the very beginning.

      Uniform operating concept

      All Krones machines are equipped with a uniform operating concept for maximum user friendliness.


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