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    Krones Variopac Pro
    Variopac Pro packer for non-returnable containers

      The fully automatic all-round packer

      The freedom of packaging

      The fully-automatic Variopac Pro packer easily adapts to all packaging trends. Packaging with pads, in trays, or wrap-around cartons, if with, without or exclusively in a shrink-wrapped film, the different models of the Variopac Pro cover a wide range of packaging variations. The modular machine design offers flexibility for producing many packaging variants. The Variopac Pro is prepared for any changes in the packaging concept: It can be easily converted or upgraded at any time.

      Brochure Krones Variopac Pro
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      Variopac Pro series

      Models and possible packaging solutions


      LitePac Top

      Packaging solutions for can and PET


      Optional: Variopac Pro with LitePac Top – Possible packaging solutions


      Benefits to you

      Ergonomic design and fast type change-over

      The design with high machine frame, large sliding doors and separation of operator and service side provides highly comfortable operation of the Variopac Pro and substantially relieves the operator workload.

      High precision when processing different formations

      The container parameters are saved in the operating program so that they can be reliably reproduced. The quick type change-over without tool ensures high efficiency in daily operation.

      Reliable and stable operation

      Equipping each machine area with its own single drive provides the packer with best possible operation reliability.

      Large processing range

      The Variopac Pro is flexible: With various packing modules, the individually required machine can be designed -and if there are later changes in the packaging concept, it offers numerous options for enhancement.

      Reliable and continuous container infeed

      The sensor-controlled operation of the infeed conveyor and the signal exchange with the conveyor system enable the automatic control of the speed in the container infeed.

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