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    Starzinger puts fourth Krones canning line into operation

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    The Austrian company Starzinger fills branded and private-label products and will install its fourth Krones canning line, going for high performance for the first time.
    • In Frankenmarkt, Austria, Starzinger has opted for yet another Krones canning line.

    Starzinger’s business is booming. The family-owned and operated Austrian company is expanding its Frankenmarkt plant, yet again with Krones, putting its fourth Krones canning line into operation.

    The tradition-steeped beverage producer operates five facilities in Austria, including two small breweries, and has a payroll of around 250. Up till now, a total of four PET lines, three glass lines and three canning lines have filled the company’s beer, mineral water, soft drinks like the popular Schartner Bombe as well as many private-label brands for which Starzinger offers a comprehensive range of services.

    Project: Turnkey canning line
    Customer: Starzinger
    Location: Frankenmarkt, Austria
    Commissioning: March 2023

    Special features:

    The Frankenmarkt facility operates exclusively with filling equipment from Krones: three canning lines, one glass line and one PET line that uses LineXpress with its full complement of functionality. The canning kit so far installed at Starzinger was designed exclusively for medium speeds, with outputs of 27,000, 38,000 and 40,000 cans per hour respectively. Number Four is a high-performer, rated at 87,000 cans per hour based on the 0.25-litre slim can, a debut for Frankenmarkt. To quote Managing Director Victor Starzinger: “We had cogent reasons to opt for Krones once again: firstly our long-standing cooperation, and secondly as a 116-year-old family-owned company we’re particularly interested in investments that will stand the test of time and the Krones filling lines set us up for lasting success in the future.”

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    “The Krones filling lines set us up for lasting success in the future,” says Managing Director Victor Starzinger.

    Starzinger will use the new line to fill its own brands, like the Schartner Bombe, and also private labels. The line is equipped to handle 0.25-litre slim cans and 0.5-litre standard cans. In contrast to the Krones canning line most recently installed in 2017, the filler of which operates in a large cleanroom, the new line features a cleanroom with a particularly small footprint and the new Krones Modulseam can seamer.

    As far as its IT equipment is concerned, the new high-speed line will work with the SitePilot Line Diagnostics, monitoring system and a cyber-security package. Data integrity is here assured by segmenting the network within the facility and providing firewalls to guarantee a high degree of operational security and reliability.

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