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    Krones Pressant Universal
    Pressant Universal container sweep-off depalletiser

      High-performance container sweep-off depalletisers

      Fast, efficient and gentle

      The reliable and gentle handling of new containers is the Pressant Universal container sweep-off depalletiser’s area of expertise. The machine works with servo drive technology and can therefore be adjusted with great precision to suit the depalletising task in hand. Its modular construction also offers high flexibility when planning into existing line layouts.

      At a glance

      • Depalletising of cans, glass or PET containers with diameters of between 50 and 200 millimetres
      • Handling of pallets with inverted trays, pallets with layer pads and inverted trays or pallets with layer pads and top frames
      • Targeted adjustment of the output and layout to suit the line
      • Output: up to 400 layers per hour
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      Brochure Krones Pressant Universal
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      Pressant Universal 1N with sweep-off station in travel design

      Pressant Universal 1N with sweep-off station in travel design
      Base frame
      Bottom layer centring unit
      Centring sweep-off carriage
      Sweep-off station in travel design with integrated layer pad gripper
      Transfer plate
      Lifting unit
      Layer pad remover

      Pressant Universal 1A with stationary sweep-off station

      Pressant Universal 1A with stationary sweep-off station
      Base frame
      Pallet lifting unit
      Three-sided shaft centring
      Layer pad remover
      Stationary sweep-off station with integrated layer pad grippers
      Four-sided centring sweep-off carriage
      Lifting unit

      Benefits to you

      Easily integrated machine concept

      Pressant Universal container sweep-off depalletisers are flexible thanks to their modular design: They can be individually adjusted to suit the required output and product range, and are easily integrated in the existing line layout.

      Gentle container handling

      The servo-controlled drive technology guarantees that the containers can be depalletised gently and reliably. It also contributes to the machine achieving a long service life.

      Low energy requirement

      The use of counterweights on the lifting column allows the machine’s energy consumption to remain at a low level.

      Easy maintenance

      Wear-proof toothed belts ensure that the required maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

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