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    Krones Linadry and Flexidry
    Krones Linadry and Flexidry container dryer

      Container dryer for every application

      This will provide safe dry zones on your containers

      Wet containers? An absolute no-go in many areas of your line. Whether labelling, coding or packaging: water drops are a veritable mischief during various processing steps.
      The Krones container dryers provide a remedy. Depending on the design, they reliably blow-dry individual areas or the complete surface of the containers.

      At a glance

      • Linadry
        • Container dryer as an individual machine – consisting of one to three modules
        • Function: Mode of operation: full-surface blow-drying of containers
        • Place of use: In front of the labeller
      • Flexidry
        • Compact dryer module at the conveyor – consisting of one module
        • Function: Partial blow-drying of containers or caps
        • Place of use: After the filler or after the labeller or in front of the packer

      Both systems are suitable for processing PET-containers, glass bottles and cans.

      Brochure Krones Linadry and Flexidry
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      Technical features

      • Output: up to 72,000 containers per hour
      • No use of energy-intensive compressed air
      • Flexibly adjustable nozzles for systematic air guidance
      • Robust and low-maintenance design in stainless steel
      • Automatic blowing power regulation depending on ambient conditions
      • Visualisation and operation on the main machine's touch-screen


      Linadry - Benefits to you

      Provides the basis for excellent labelling results

      Linadry reliably dries the containers, thus creating ideal conditions for accurate labelling.

      Efficient operation

      The frequency-controlled blower reduces the energy consumption and turns the Linadry into an especially efficient part of your production.

      Suitable for each line

      Linadry is of modular design and can easily be retrofitted into existing lines.

      Clean working environment

      The residual water is systematically collected and removed from the machine.



      Technical features

      • No use of energy-intensive compressed air
      • Maximum energy consumption: 1.8 kW
      • Noise emission: Below 85 dB
      • Control elements for operation and visualisation system on the main machine's touch-screen

      Potential areas of application

      Container area to be dried Position in the line
      Cap After the filler
      Dating area After the labeller
      Container side-wall In front of the packer

      Flexidry - Benefits to you

      Flexible application

      Regardless of whether as preparation for the cap inspection unit, the container dating device or the packer: the compact Flexidry is suitable for various tasks and can easily be integrated at several positions in the line.

      Low energy consumption

      Since the Flexidry operates without compressed air and can be individually adjusted to the container type, it is especially efficient with regard to energy consumption.

      Certified ecological efficiency

      This is why the Linadry is enviro-certified

      Energy efficiency

      • Drying without compressed air
      • Cutting-edge, energy efficient blower according to eco-design guidelines
      • Consumers are turned OFF in standby mode


      This is why the Flexidry is enviro-certified:

      Energy efficiency

      • More efficient than a blower with compressed air
      • Energy is saved by the possibility to adjust it for each type

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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