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    MCS Coca-Cola


    Firsts for Coca-Cola and Krones in Mongolia

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    The joint project is actually a double debut for aseptics: It will be MCS Coca-Cola’s first-ever aseptic plant and Krones’ first time installing a turnkey aseptic line in Mongolia.

    The partnership between Krones and MCS Coca-Cola goes back a long time: Krones has been delivering technology from Neutraubling to the plant in Ulaanbaatar for over 15 years now. As a result, three complete PET lines for CSDs as well as partial lines and individual machines like a filler for returnable glass bottles and a labeler – all from Krones – are already up and running there. These lines primarily bottle the beverage group’s soft drink brands, while some other products have been imported from abroad. But in light of rising market demand, MCS Coca-Cola has decided to produce and package these sensitive beverages like iced tea and juices locally in Mongolia in the future.

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    After more than 15 years of successful collaboration, MCS Coca-Cola once again opted for a Krones line, this time with aseptic technology. Image credits:

    MCS Coca-Cola

    That is why MCS Coca-Cola has now opted to add an aseptic line for the first time. And it chose Krones to supply all of the kit – from the process technology, including a product UHT system, to an aseptic blow molder/filler block and sleeve labeler right through to the entire dry end.

    Customer: MCS Coca-Cola
    Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
    Commissioning: from March 2025

    Aseptic line rated at 36,000 containers per hour

    Special features:
    • MCS Coca-Cola is also integrating into the new line a VarioAsept, product UHT system that will be manufactured at Krones Taicang and therefore be perfectly matched to local requirements.
    • Krones’ container design team will support the development of the PET bottles that will run on the line.

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