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    Krones Sleevematic
    Sleevematic sleeve label applicator

      A machine series for all sleeve types

      The proper outfit for every situation

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      How to dress so that it looks nice but is also practical? A simple question – at least with regard to many consumables. Your answer: sleeves! Flexible plastic films seamlessly adapt to the most varying container shapes and offer a lot of space for many eye-catching designs. At the same time, they prove to be especially robust in everyday life: whether rain or long transport distances, sleeves make containers look great in any situation.

      We think: such a multifaceted decoration variant deserves an equally talented machine technology. Therefore, the Krones Sleevematic is classified into four different model variants. Shrinking, stretching, or both alternately? Small output or top-speed operation? The Sleevematic series provides the proper technology for each application.

      In direct comparison: all sleeve variants

      Stretch Sleeves
      Standard stretch sleeve Modified stretch sleeve TripleS stretch sleeve   Shrink sleeve
      10 % 20 % 55 % Maximum
      stretching rate​
      < 5 % < 16 % < 35 % Possible variance
      of bottle
      < 75 %
      Yes Yes Yes Recyclability No Yes No

      Saving tip

      • The higher the stretching rate, the lower is the material consumption
      • Super elastic TripleS sleeves save up to 30 % costs*

      * As compared to shrink sleeves

      Models and benefits

      Wide output range for shrink sleeves

      Field of applications

      • Shrink sleeves – also special formats

      Technical features

      • Wide output range thanks to modular design
      • Linear machine
      • Electronic gap detection at the machine infeed
      • Infeed worm with servo drive
      • Sleeve feed via a stand-alone sleeve buffer system
      • Sleeve supply unit for reel change-over without machine stop
      • Height-adjustable cutting unit with sleeve conveyor
      • Integral control cabinet, ready for connection


      • Sleevematic M1: Up to 27,000 containers per hour
      • Sleevematic MD2: Up to 54,000 containers per hour

      Benefits to you

      Short change-over times

      The Sleevematic M can be changed to other formats within minimum time.

      High-precision sleeve application

      The servo-controlled cutting unit guarantees exact cutting lengths. The belt station can exactly be adjusted in millimetres and thereby ensures infinitely variable adjustment of the sleeve height on the container.

      Hygienic design

      The machine base frame is completely made of stainless steel. The container handling parts are of open design and therefore easily cleaned.

      M = modular/MD = modular, dual

      The turbo machine for shrink sleeves

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      Field of applications

      • High-speed processing of shrink sleeves

      Technical feature – main machine

      • At the push of a button, the contact pressure of the feed rollers is adjusted via pneumatic cylinders.
      • Sleeves are conveyed without slippage via servo-motor-driven rollers.
      • The new sleeve perforator exactly separates the cut off sleeves.
      • No replacement of knives required for type change-overs.
      • An integrated climbing aid for operators enables the ergonomic replacement of handling parts.
      • The infeed worms are stored directly in the machine and therefore ready for use at any time.

      Technical features – sleeve buffer system

      • Stand-alone and can therefore be individually positioned
      • Capacity for two sleeve reels with a total of approx. 4,000 m of film

      Benefits to you

      Thanks to rotary cutters which perforate the film sleeve continuously in stead of in cycles, the Sleevematic TS can process 50,000 containers per hour. The highly precise perforation blades ensure a straight cut even at high speed.

      A set of perforation blades can perform 70 million cuts before it wears out. Conventional cutting units can only master a tenth of this.

      No replacement of knives required for type change-overs.

      Owing to the fact, that the rotating perforation cutters are operating regardless of the format, the Sleevematic TS requires significantly less handling parts than all other sleeving systems.

      M = modular/MD = modular, dual

      Proven technology for stretch and shrink sleeves

      Field of applications

      • Stretch sleeves with a stretching rate of up to 15 percent
      • Shrink sleeves

      Technical features

      • Rotary machine
      • Depending on the required output, available as single or double carrousel variant
      • Electronic cap inspection and gap detection at the machine infeed
      • Infeed worm with overload clutch
      • Feeding of sleeves from two sleeve reels
      • Sleeve supply unit for reel change-over
      • Height-adjustable cutting unit with sleeve conveyor
      • Electronic container counter
      • Integral control cabinet, ready for connection
      • Central lubrication points

      Benefits to you

      Long-life design

      The rugged mechanical design makes sure that the Sleevematic AF provides a high operational reliability and a long service life.

      Precise operation

      The cam-controlled application fork reliably transmits the sleeve label onto the container. Even humidity and moisture do not affect machine operation: In any case, it ensures perfectly fitting sleeves.

      Uncomplicated and flexible technology

      The machine is suitable for handling different sleeve lengths and diameters. It can be easily cleaned and provides optimum access and is therefore user-friendly in day-to-day operation.

      AF = applicator fork

      Flexible machine for all sleeve variants

      Field of applications

      • Stretch sleeves with a stretching rate of up to 55 percent
      • Shrink sleeves

      Technical features

      • Rotary machine
      • Energy-efficient servo drives
      • Vacuum-supported sleeve transfer
      • Output*:
      • Up to 27,500 containers per hour with one labelling station
      • Up to 55,000 containers per hour with two labelling stations

      * For a sleeve length of 170 millimetres

      Benefits to you

      Maximum flexibility

      Stretch today and shrink tomorrow? That is everyday operation for the Sleevematic ES: The multi-flexible machine is able to process all sleeve variants, even the super elastic TripleS sleeves.

      Permanent saving of material costs

      Thanks to their high elasticity, stretch sleeves consume only little plastic during production. The super elastic TripleS sleeves save up to 30 percent material costs as compared to shrink sleeves.

      Lower energy consumption

      You do not require a shrinking tunnel, nor a container drying unit to process the stretch sleeves.

      ES = enhanced stretch

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