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Cellar concept TwinPro

    A systematic cellar concept

    Intelligent pipe system in the brewery

    Perfectly combined product routes contribute to efficiency: An elaborate concept for connecting the pipe system in the fermenting cellar reduces the total investment as well as the amount of media displaced during production and cleaning processes.
    Steinecker TwinPro provides the optimum solution for these two concerns in the fermenting cellar of a brewery. The piping concept with tank loop and valve blocks provides the shortest possible connection between all tanks.

    At a glance

    • Optimised connection of tanks with fully automatic valve block technology
    • Individually planned closed loops for optimal capacity utilisation of the fermenting tanks
    • Saved costs due to a reduced need for pipes and valves, as well as a reduced quantity of displacement media and loss of beer
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    Benefits to you

    Cost-efficient acquisition and maintenance

    • Low investment costs as a result of up to 30% fewer pipes and valve technology
    • Reduced operating costs thanks to a 35% reduction in water consumption during displacement and for cleaning media
    • Reduced servicing and maintenance thanks to reduced need for valves

    Exact configuration

    • Simple expandability of the fermenting cellar due to the decentralised pipe system
    • Individually planned closed loops provide high flexibility
    • Tank construction and piping concept from a single source

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