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    Health as the key to success

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    From ergonomics projects through prevention campaigns to sports events, a lot has been going on in Krones Health Management in 2023. Let’s have a look at the various services ...

    The Krones Health Management strategy:

    At its core: healthy working and social sustainability

    For Krones, health, satisfaction and wellbeing are key elements of social sustainability at the workplace. Krones Health Management is committed to promoting the wellbeing of all employees and a healthy working environment through regular health schemes, professional structures and innovative programmes. The wide-ranging initiatives focusing on health and shaping our working landscapes are intended to ensure esteem and support. After all, it is the workforce as a whole that is the key to shared success!

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    From left to right: Stefanie Drenda, Antonia Meier, Florian Hirsch and Saskia Venus from Krones Health Management

    How Health Management proceeds

    Health Management delivers these services with the aim of achieving a lasting effect on health. That is why fewer individual measures are being offered. Instead, departments and work teams are being given support in the form of projects looking at issues such as stress management and ergonomics at the workplace. Applying what is known as the SQM method, the programmes always consist of three phases: There is a phase for raising awareness, a qualification phase – learning knowledge and practical tips, in other words – and a motivation phase so that what is learnt also continues to be implemented in everyday life. This ensures that the projects are enjoyable, bring results, can be tailored to the individual participant and can be run flexibly over a period of between two weeks and several months.

    And what about this year?

    Health Management will be coming up with plenty of new ideas in 2024 as well. For example, plans are in place for a campaign on mental health and a psychological hazard assessment is to be carried out at the Neutraubling site. Krones employees can also once again look forward to another wide and varied range of courses and classes.

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