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    Steinecker MicroCube
    MicroCube brewing system for small batches

      The perfect tool for craft brewers − for brew sizes of 5, 10 or 17 hectolitres

      Small, powerful, compact

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      Craft brewers need to rely on compact plants that prove their worth even when the available space is tight. Steinecker MicroCube is a brewery concept for cold wort volumes of 5, 10 or 17 hectolitres per brew.

      At a glance:

      • Compact design as a brewing block with two or three vessels
      • Supplies of water, heat and cooling are integrated in the concept
      • Easy to use with electronically assisted, manual operating concept based on the S7-300 Universal Controller with touchscreen, including visualisation and recipe control
      Download brochure Steinecker MicroCube
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      Which installation options are available?

      Which installation options are available?

      Layout example

      • Diameter of the vessels: maximum 1,200 mm
      • Valve and pump module: L x W x H = 1,000 x 1,000 x 2,150 mm
      • All packages have container dimensions.
      • Complete scope of supply: Three to four 40' containers
      • Required floor space: 14,400 mm x 6,000 mm
      • We recommend separating the brewhouse and yeast cellar and keeping them in different rooms.
      • Individual design of other installation concepts


      The facts at a glance

      MicroCube puts Steinecker technology in the hands of small breweries…

      • with a brewing block for 5, 10 or 17 hl of cold wort per brew
      • permits different combinations of two or three vessels
      • requires just 86 m2 of floor space for the brewhouse in a three-vessel constellation for a brew size of 17 hl.


      Benefits to you

      Compact dimensions

      • Design is carefully tailored to applications with limited space
      • Plant is shipped in just a few standard containers

      Ease of operation

      • Recipe-based programme sequences assist with the manual work steps
      • Sight glasses and field instruments integrated in the plant for monitoring of the brewing processes

      Use of components from large-scale plant construction

      • Cost-effective brewing technology with attractive investment costs

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