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    Mission Statement
    We do more.
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    Mission Statement

      Living up to our values and creating value - together

      Our customers around the world are primarily in the food and beverage (liquid food) industry. We provide them with machinery, lines, and systems, including all related services, that are the best in every respect.

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      To consolidate our position, we will continue to grow profitably and further expand our technology leadership – with innovation, a passion for change, and uncompromising performance. We listen to our customers and develop our products to meet their needs. Our lines and complete solutions provide the highest level of efficiency at competitive prices. Our global network enables us to provide fast, cost-effective, high-quality service – anytime, anywhere around the world.

      All strategic decisions are aimed at ensuring the company’s sustainable development. Even when optimising profits and cash flow in the short term, we still keep sustainability sharply in focus. This makes Krones a dependable partner for our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers. Our financial strength gives us independence. We use resources wisely in order to safeguard this freedom for the long term.

      Our sites around the world form a global value chain that serves as the very foundation of our success. Each of our core modules is built at only one site worldwide, with exceptional cost-effectiveness. These sites concentrate our expertise and experience in the relevant technology. To secure this advantage for the long term, Krones offers attractive working conditions, promising training opportunities, and plenty of room for individual development at all of our sites worldwide. Transparent hierarchies, appreciative leadership, and clear goals inform our corporate culture. To stay agile and competitive going forward, we keep our structures lean and efficient.

      We are a multinational corporation where a diversity of cultures, languages, and ways of life come together on equal footing. We are fair and forthright in our interactions. Honesty and transparency inform all of our actions. We are interested in the thoughts and opinions of our employees and partners and are willing to learn from others.

      We are Krones – We do more.