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    Harrogate: Every bottle a gem

      From wallflower to belle of the ball

      It’s like something out of a fairy-tale: the British bottler Harrogate Spring Water LTD in 2014 discontinued its previous simple bottle design – and is now enchanting consumers with new bottles in an upmarket diamond look.

      Krones’ designers were asked to help in creating this magical metamorphosis. So they slipped into the role of the fairy godmother, and tailored responsively sparkling robes for Harrogate’s products.

      The client:
      Harrogate Spring Waters LTD

      • Bottlers of spring water, in England’s original spa
      • Upmarket British brand for carbonated and spring water
      • Respected supplier for restaurants, airlines, wholesalers and retailers

      The job:
      Creating a bottle design that

      • stands out from the crowd
      • reflects the spa town’s illustrious heritage and architecture
      • underlines the brand’s premium values
      • matches the quality of the award-winning water

      The idea:
      The diamond as the central design element

      • reflects light and fascinates the eye
      • symbolises solid worth
      • radiates luxury
      • stands for crystal-clear water Quality

      The design:
      The upmarket diamond look

      • forms the key element of a complete brand relaunch
      • beautifies all bottle formats from 0.25 to 1.5 litres
      • ensures fascinating light effects with its crystalline structure
      • thanks to a balanced container geometry, also withstands the pressure of carbonated water
      • received in 2015 the A´Design Award in the packaging design category

      The Technology:
      A Krones ErgoBloc L

      • blow-moulds, labels, fills and caps the diamond bottles
      • needs up to 50 per cent less space than conventional lines
      • achieves a speed of 36.000 bottles per hour
      • also handles exceptionally light PET bottles