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    Krones container design
    • Harrogate: every bottle a gem
      Harrogate: every bottle a gem

      It’s like something out of a fairy-tale: the British bottler Harrogate Spring Water LTD in 2014 discontinued its previous simple bottle design – and is now enchanting consumers with new bottles in an upmarket diamond look.

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    • fruit2go: the design for fruity-colourful joie de vivre
      fruit2go: the design for fruity-colourful joie de vivre

      In the shape of fruit2go, Franken Brunnen has created a brand geared to contemporary tastes: fresh mineral water, sometimes sparkling, sometimes still, meets out-of-the-ordinary fruit variations like passionfruit-lime and citrus-pomelo.

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    • Peñafiel: bottle design endurance-tested
      Peñafiel: bottle design endurance-tested

      They cope with transportation distances of several thousand kilometres, and survive temperature differentials of up to 60 degrees Celsius: the products of Grupo Peñafiel are seriously tough.

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    Customised PET bottles

    Perfect brand image with individualised PET bottles

    Yes it is! At least if consumer and product come across each other. Because first impressions really do matter - consumers decide within only 1.6 seconds if they want to buy a product or not. Therefore, the package must be very eye-catching: it must attract and win the consumer within an instant: an exciting and attractive design from KRONES will give your product characteristics that stand out.


    Modular design system

    Modular design system

    Create your own PET bottle.