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PDF Download, 2,25 MB 2,25 MBAutomation Engineer


In the context of IT systems engineering, you can have yourself or your employee qualify as a “Krones Automation Engineer”. Following certification, the “Krones Automation Engineer” responsible for the line will be thoroughly familiar with the technology of Krones’ components and the way they interact. So in future you will also be diagnosing, analysing and remedying malfunctions swiftly and efficiently.

Preparation is provided in the shape of various theoretical and practical training options at Krones. Following a successful exam, the certificate is valid for two years. This is how we guarantee that the certificate-holder is always working with the very latest state of the art.

The Krones Course Navigator

You don’t know what training courses are required for successful certification? Our Krones Course Navigator helps you to select the best course recommendation for your needs from the extensive choice of training options on offer:

Your route to the Krones Automation Engineer

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Training program 2017

Here you will find the seminar programme 2017 for Germany, the USA and United Kingdom and Ireland.

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