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    Collaboration in the digital age
      11. September 2017

      Collaboration in the digital age

      The collaboration platform for the food and beverage industries

      Collaboration in the digital age
      The Share2Act collaboration platform networks all the people, machines and IT systems involved in the relevant production operations.

      Syskron’s role in the Krones Group is as an innovation incubator for up-to-the-future digitalisation solutions. At the drinktec, the youthful start-up will now be showcasing the visions and solutions it can provide for the digital beverage factory of the future.

      One product will be accorded a particular focus: the Share2Act collaboration platform. It networks all the people, machines and IT systems involved in the relevant production operations: from automatically generated production data all the way through to the empirical knowledge of the staff concerned, it enables an enormous range of disparate contents to be imaged, discussed and jointly processed. This unlocks entirely new options for streamlining work procedures, shortening communication paths and reducing downtimes.

      The fundamental idea behind Share2Act is to create a digital image of the operational reality involved. This already begins with the architecture of the platform: with the aid of hierarchically arranged production units, the structure of each company can be individually imaged. From the company as a whole, then the various facilities, right the way down to individual machines: in Share2Act, each of these elements receives its own timeline.

      To fill these timelines with living content, authorised users have two options available: they can respond to existing contributions or create their own content – there are options for posting text messages and for uploading different media and file formats. A simple, intuitively adaptable concept offering an abundance of options: recording production-relevant data, authoring trouble-shooting instructions, communicating quickly and easily with colleagues in other shifts and facilities – Share2Act can be deployed wherever information is generated or needed.

      The platform runs both on mobile terminals and on desktop computers. When it comes to hosting, Syskron gives its clients a choice of whether they wish to use Share2Act in the cloud or as a locally installed on-the-premises solution. The software developers continually incorporate clients’ specific wishes regarding new or expanded functions in the version updates that appear every quarter.

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