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    drinktec 2017: Krones and Erema are joining forces to progress PET recycling
      24. August 2017

      drinktec 2017: Krones and Erema are joining forces to progress PET recycling

      drinktec 2017: Krones and Erema are joining forces to progress PET recycling
      Bottle-to-Bottle-Recycling – Recycling of PET to be reused as food-grade packaging materials is flourishing around the globe.

      Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, and Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, Ansfelden, Austria, have agreed to collaborate in the field of PET plastic recycling. The aim of this alliance is to incorporate the technical expertise of both companies into the planning and design of PET recycling lines and indeed complete factories, so as to be able to offer clients from both the beverage and PET recycling industries an optimal line or an entire factory. Anyone interested can obtain more detailed information on the cooperation between the two companies during this year’s drinktec from 11 to 15 September at Krones in Hall B6 and at Erema’s stand in Hall A4.346. 

      The accumulated corporate experience and the product portfolios of Erema and Krones complement each other to optimum effect: Erema, as the world’s market leader in the manufacture of plastic recycling systems, contributes the expertise required for PET processing, and Krones is the world’s leading manufacturer and turnkey vendor of filling and packaging technology. Krones’ product portfolio, however, comprises not only machines and lines for filling and packaging beverages and liquid foods, but also machines for producing PET bottles, plus modules and lines for the recycling process. The collaborative arrangement will also focus significantly on planning entire factories, which Krones is already offering to beverage bottlers and PET recyclers from the feasibility study stage all the way through to the finished factory.

      Krones’ comprehensive product range, particularly the MetaPure W hot-wash technology developed specifically for PET and validated by performance in the field, combined with Erema’s Vacurema technology developed for PET, will enable the two companies in future to offer responsively customised job sections - for washing and/or decontamination technology all the way through to complete factories for PET plastics recycling, and handle them as a turnkey vendor. 
      This means that Krones’ clients will soon be able to close the entire PET cycle, from manufacture of the PET plastic products all the way through to their recovery, and thus make a sustainable contribution towards the “circular economy”, with concomitantly reduced resource consumption and environmental impact. 

      To quote Krones:

      By collaborating with Erema, we now have an opportunity to progress the recycling of PET plastic packages in the beverage and liquid food sectors as well.

      To quote Erema:

      Thanks to this alliance with Krones, we can now provide our customers with expanded engineering expertise and upsized capacities for planning PET recycling factories.

      A brief portrait: the Krones Group

      The Krones Group, headquartered in Neutraubling, Germany, plans, develops and manufactures machines and complete lines for the fields of process, filling and packaging technology. 
      The company’s product portfolio is supplemented by capabilities in information technology, intralogistics, factory planning, and in-house valve production. Its experience and its innovative vigour, underpinned by optimal synergising of mechanical engineering, line expertise, process technology, microbiology and information technology, have made the company into the world’s leading vendor of holistic systems engineering.  More than 5,000 registered standard and utility patents bear witness to the company’ innovative potential.
      The principal customer groupings are breweries and beverage producers, plus the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 
      Worldwide, Krones employs around 14,500 people. Around 90 per cent of its turnover is achieved abroad. Consolidated sales in 2016 totalled 3.391 billion euros. The Krones group includes not only Krones AG (M-DAX) and its almost 60 subsidiaries, plus seven Lifecycle Service Centers (LCS) worldwide, which provide warehousing and production operations for spare parts and retrofit upgrades, but also numerous other sales and service companies.

      A brief portrait: the Erema Group 

      Founded in 1983 as a pioneer in the sector, Erema is the world’s Number One when it comes to developing and producing plastics recycling machines and system components: more than 5,000 of its systems are meanwhile up and running around the world, highly regarded for their innovative ingenuity, their sturdiness and their operational dependability. They are used to produce more than 15 million tons of plastic granulate a year. In superlative, application-responsive quality.
      The firm is committed to developing progressively better technologies of enhanced performative excellence. 
      Which is why a well-practised team of highly qualified specialists are continuously engaged in research for creating new recycling systems and perfecting the company’s existing machines. 111 patent families with more than 1,000 patents evidence Erema’s innovative vigour.
      Superlative performance. Worldwide.
      Erema is part of the EremGroup, which also includes specialised companies in the shape of Pure Loop, 3S and Umac. No matter what aspect of plastics recycling is involved, clients always enjoy the           know-how and the customised solutions of all the group’s enterprises. This is guaranteed by the group’s 500 staff, at its headquarters in Ansfelden/Austria, at its subsidiaries in the  USA, China and Russia and in more than 50 national agencies on five continents.

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