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    Connected Line
    Connected Line

      Make your line fit for the future

      Your line as part of a digitalized value chain

      Make your line fit for the future

      Connected Line represents a groundbreaking step in the direction of digitalization in the beverage industry and makes your line fit for the future.Regardless of whether you wish to handle production or line data, or information from employees or other stakeholders: Connected Line provides the necessary connectivity, groups together the information you really need and makes it available on a central, standardised platform.

      At a glance

      • Free integration of the ReadyKit edge devices into all new Krones lines
      • IIoT platform as a central connection point for all services
        • Already during commissioning: used by the Krones team
        • During operation: subscription for the services required for daily work
      • Secure data storage in the cloud: access possible at all times – regardless of the location and end device used
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      Brochure Connected Line
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      Connected Line today and in the future



      ReadyKit = edge device (industrial PC) installed in the network cabinet of the Kronesmachine

      • Collects raw data of the machines
      • Calculates data with added value
      • Sends data to the IIoT platform

      Technical details

      • Secure, certified IT system with Linux operating system
      • Connected to ...
        • the internet: updates via the cloud for the most current software versions
        • the line management switch via a separate network (VLAN): provides the routing between the machines and ReadyKit

      IIoT platform Industrial Internet of Things platform

      • “Control centre” in the cloud for services in the production environment
      • Contains a digital twin of all connected lines and machines
      • Access possible from everywhere with various end devices

      Technical details

      • In new lines: Hardware and network basics already included
      • Secure AWS cloud, hosted in Germany

      Cloud services in the IIoT platform

      Advanced Analytics

      • Live data of all connected machines
      • Smart reports and KPIs
      • Automated downtime management
      • Dashboard, trends and analyses

      Benefits to you

      • Improvement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness
      • Less management work
      • Makes it possible to draw conclusions
      • Benchmarking and transparency

      Smart commissioning

      The Krones team can utilise the following:

      • Service Advanced Analytics
      • VPN connection to the machines
      • Argos Augmented Reality Support

      Benefits to you

      • Machine data analysis from the first bottle
      • Improved transparency of the line progress
      • Faster troubleshooting
      • Efficient production start-up


      Compile your own individual digitalization package from a range of services and solutions:


      Benefits to you:

      • Modular subscription to services to put together the necessary functions both individually and with flexibility
      • Access to services via the central IIoTplatform
      • Continuous function expansions for existing services (multiple releases per year)

      Benefits to you


      “Software as a service” is an inexpensive model for using, maintaining and upgrading IT solutions. Thanks to the modular selection of the services, you only pay for what you actually need.


      The use of the cloud is governed by the highest (and continually tested) security standards. The ReadyKit edge device is also certified and its use thus secure.

      Easy access

      Whether on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone –the IIoT platform is available on all end devices. All you need is internet access.

      Easy scalability

      Practically unlimited storage capacity is available in the cloud. The computing power is variably scaleable.

      Automatic updates

      Thanks to cloud updates (for no extra charge) you always have the latest software version –and always receive continuous improvements as regards stability and for existing functions. New features are thus also automatically imported.

      Remote support

      The Krones support specialists can also gain access to your line data –thus allowing the identification and elimination of problems from remote locations..

      Connected Line: future road map

      New services

      Krones LCS Digital Service Center

      • New applications developed together with customers and Krones experts
      • New modular services on the Krones IIoTplatform
      • Use of new technologies
      • Continuous function expansions for existing services (multiple releases per year)
      • Use of the Krones IIoT platform to allow the Krones Service team to be as effective and efficient as possible
      • Full integration in the remote support environment
      • Quick identification, analysis and elimination of problems


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