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    Compact glass filler for the low output range Craftmate G
    Compact glass filler for the low output range Craftmate G

      Glass filler for beer and CSD

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      The Craftmate C has been on the market since 2015 – inspiring small and medium-sized breweries and craft breweries all around the world ever since. Thanks to the major success of the compact can filler, Krones has now also developed a dedicated filler for the low output range for glass applications: the Craftmate G. In terms of technology, it is identical to its bigger brothers and sisters in the Modulfill series, but in terms of space requirements it matches the compactness of the Craftmate C – thus making it the ideal solution for small and medium-sized breweries who place stringent demands on their filling processes.

      At a glance

      • Filling of beer and CSD in glass bottles
      • Two pitch circles: 1,440 and 1,800 mm
      • Output range: Up to 24,000 containers per hour
      • Cost-efficient bottling technology in the familiar Krones quality
      • Compact design
      • Up to two cappers can be integrated (crowns, screw caps or aluminium roll-on caps)
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      Download brochure Krones Craftmate G
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      The components

      The components
      Proven vent tube counter-pressure filling system
      Handling parts can be changed without tools
      Table top with rooftable design
      Proven vent tube counter-pressure filling system
      Krones operator panel in touch-screen design
      Compact valve manifold with integrated vacuum pump
      Control cabinet with integrated pneumatic controller for the valve manifold


      Double the flexibility

      Craftmate G is your specialist for filling in the low output range – offering great flexibility at the same time, with the ability to fill both beer and carbonated soft drinks in glass bottles.

      Tried-and-tested technology

      The electro-pneumatically actuated filling valves work extremely reliably, and the fill quantity can also be determined thanks to the interchangeable vent tube.The technology that is installed has already proved itself for many years in the Modulfill series.

      Short change-over times

      All handling parts can be changed quickly, easily and without the need for tools.

      Easy to clean

      An inclined table top and manually inserted CIP cups ensure easy machine cleaning.

      Compact design

      The supply of product is held in a ring bowl installed on the filler carousel, and the valve manifold and control cabinet are positioned right next to the filler. This way, the Craftmate G requires only very little space in the bottling hall.

      Low transport costs

      Of course, these compact dimensions are also a bonus when it comes to transport. Since the entire machine can be dismantled into two compact modules, the costs for shipment can be kept low.

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