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    Krones Moduljet
    Moduljet container rinser

      Rinser for sparkling clean bottle cleaning

      The rinser for any container and any medium

      This is what a brilliant start in the filling process looks like: The Moduljet rinser meticulously removes dust and other residues from containers - laying the cornerstone for care-free filling. Which and how many rinsing media are used for this purpose? This decision is completely up to you. That's because the Moduljet rinsers can be individually adjusted to any task. Just contact the Krones specialists. They will be happy to advise you on which rinser achieves the best cleaning results for your bottle.

      • Remove dust particles and other residues from PET and glass containers
      • Suitable for many different media
      • Process a wide range of container materials and shapes
      • In-house laboratory: Allows for testing of customer-specific particles
      Brochure Krones Moduljet
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      Configure your own customised Moduljet

        Mechanical Electronic
      • Adjustable treatment angle
      • Wide range of rinsing media
      • Low investment cost
      • Freely programmable treatment times
      • Maximum selection of rinsing media
      • Freely programmable rinsing program (e.g. rinsing at intervals)
      • Rigid nozzles
      • Plunging nozzles

      Container conveyors

      • Neck grippers for PET
      • Neck and body grippers for glass bottles
      • Controlled clamps

      Number of channels

      • One rinser channel for one medium
      • Two rinser channels for two media
      • One rinser channel for one medium
      • Two rinser channels for two media
      • Three rinser channels for three media
      Special variants
      • Closed system for rinsing with filling product
      • Stationary rinsing jet monitoring
      • Jetting process using full-cone nozzle
      • Tilting cam for residual water reduction
      • Rinsing with ionised air (bottle interior and exterior)
      • Stationary or continuous rinsing jet monitoring
      • Vacuum for particle extraction


      Differences between mechanical and electronic rinsers

        Mechanical Electronic
      Container Suitable for glass or PET containers
      Rinsing media Suitable for many media Suitable for the entire rinsing media spectrum (in variable order)
      Number of channels Up to two rinsing media Up to three rinsing media
      Other   Automatic self-cleaning


      Benefits to you

      Suitable for many different media

      Whether ionised air, cold water, peracetic acid or the filling product itself – Moduljet gives you the option to choose which rinsing media you wish to use.

      Protect your product

      To ensure glass and PET containers start the filling process in perfect condition, Moduljet rinsers do two things: They reliably remove contamination and barely leave a trace themselves.

      Adapt flexibly to your needs:

      The rinser configuration can be individually adjusted to suit the different tasks and requirements: from the nozzles to the controller and even to the number of media channels included. Consult the Krones product specialists to identify the right variant for you.

      Use rinsing media efficiently

      To ensure the cleaning media reach every part of the container, the nozzles of each rinser are pre-set exactly to the task at hand. That enhances the efficacy of the cleaning, and at the same time cuts media consumption.

      Enhance the Krones UltraClean process

      Moduljet rinsers are the assured professional solution for filling sensitive ESL and EHF products. In practice, they have proven their worth thousands of times over in Krones UltraClean systems.

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