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    fruit2go: The design for fruity-colourful joie de vivre

      Cheerful, chirpy and ultra-fruity

      In the shape of fruit2go, Franken Brunnen has created a brand geared to contemporary tastes: fresh mineral water, sometimes sparkling, sometimes still, meets out-of-the-ordinary fruit variations like passionfruit-lime and citrus-pomelo.

      This unusual combination makes fruit2go the perfect trendy drink for young, spontaneous consumers. “To win their hearts, of course, you need some eye-catching product packaging,” thought the design people at Krones – and created a sporty 0.75-litre bottle in which fruit2go’s infectious zest for life can be manifested.

      The client:
      Franken Brunnen

      • Tradition-steeped mineral water bottler in Bavarian Franconia
      • One billion fills a year
      • Number One in Bavaria

      The product:
      The soft drink fruit2go

      • is aimed at a young, spontaneous target group.
      • surprises shoppers with out-of-the-ordinary fruit combinations.
      • catches the eye with gaudy colours.

      The design:
      The 0.75-litre non-returnable bottle

      • fits snugly in the hand, thanks to its sport-themed dumbbell shape.
      • with its organically rounded shoulder and base sections, connotes the shape of natural fruits.
      • is dressed in a narrow, semi-transparent label in the middle of the bottle, thus giving the product’s colour plenty of space to take effect.