Variants for every closure type

Reliable closing technology for beverage containers

Beverage containers are used in various sizes and shapes worldwide and there is accordingly great diversity in container closures. Cappers from Krones can be used to apply all common closure types on containers, from plastic screw caps and aluminium roll-on caps through crown necks, twist-off and ring-pull closures to natural corks. And if you are using a closure that is not included in the standard programme of Krones cappers, we can provide you with a special capper model that exactly meets your requirements.

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Good, reliable sealing

Capper type Neck handling Base handling
Modulcap CM x x
Modulcap CS x  
Crowners   x
Aluminium roll-on capper   x
Natural cork capper   x

KRONES Modulcap CM - Your benefits

Caps are fitted perfectly

Use of a hysteresis clutch ensures screw caps are applied at a constant force.

Optimum cleaning options

The capping heads can be cleaned perfectly with hot water or foam.

KRONES Modulcap CS - Your benefits

Hygienically optimised design

The drives are positioned so that the spreading of germs to the stillopen bottle is avoided.

Perfect cap position

The servocontroller for the capping process precisely monitors the moment of application. This means that the screw caps are applied with a consistent force.

Safe cap feed

The sterilised caps are fed hygienically to the pick-up station.

Optimum cleaning

The machine can be cleaned very effectively using foam and spray disinfection methods. Thanks to the open design of the pick-up station and the cap retainer, each individual component can be easily reached.

Easy maintenance

All component groups in lubrication-free and maintenancefree design.

KRONES Crowners - Your benefits


Crowns enter the line with a defined alignment and are precisely positioned on the transfer plate by a draw-in magnet.

Designed for practical applications

A bottle-neck centring system ensures that even bottles with inaccurate dimensions are reliably sealed.

Can be optimally cleaned

The capping heads can be cleaned perfectly with hot water or foam.

KRONES Roll-on unit for aluminium caps - Your benefits


The thread and seaming roller arms can be quickly adjusted to the plunger dimension.

Can be optimally cleaned

The capping heads can be cleaned perfectly with hot water or foam.

Retains its value

The stainless steel design of the aluminium roll-on capper is highly resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

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