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    Krones Checkmat label inspectors
    Checkmat label inspectors

      Checkmat label inspectors

      All-around check for maximum safety and performance

      Is there a label present on the container? Is it positioned correctly? And is it the right label? The Checkmat inspection systems give you a clear answer to all of these questions. Because they carefully examine labels, dates and codes and make sure that only flawless products are put to sale.

      At a glance

      • Inspection of
        • Labels
        • Dates
        • Codes
      • Efficient technology thanks to the newly developed camera unit
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      Brochure Krones Checkmat label inspectors
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      Overview of all options

      Label inspection unit sensor Compact camera  camera
      Presence, label inverted X* X X
      Presence of labels with glossy surface, label inverted   X X
      Position and slant     X
      Comparison of pattern or logo, 2D code
      Correctness: According to ID number (OCR-B)     X
      Protruding labels X*   X
      Bar code and 2D code detection sensor Compact camera  camera
      Presence   X X
      Correctness   X X
      Code/date inspection unit sensor Compact camera  camera
      Presence     X

      Correctness (OCR-B)


      * Technical clarification required

      Label inspection unit

      Technical features

      • 2 cameras inspect the front and the back of the container
      • Inspection range of 235 or 300 millimetres
      • LED lighting
      • Output: up to 90,000 containers per hour 
      • Application independent of the label position

      Benefits to you

      • No adjustment of camera and lighting units required
      • High flexibility regarding the label design
      • Suitable also for glossy labels

      Benefits to you

      • Maximum product quality and safety thanks to the inspection of labels and dates/codes
      • Increased line efficiency thanks to automatic detection and rejection of faulty material
      • Efficient and easy to operate inspection technology

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